Sunday, March 11, 2018

A gentle reminder....

Over at The Next Chapter, a kind link to an old Carteach0 article concerning the Yugo M-48 Mauser rifle.

Appended on the Carteach0 article, communications from Nuthernug describing in exquisite detail the mistakes I made in the piece.  He added footnotes and sources..... ones the I had access to as well.

Yeah, and here we see why I gave up the gun blogging stuff eventually.  At one time I thought I knew something about it.  Then, when I learned enough, I realized how little I actually knew.

As in..... I'm an idiot, and there's no need to share that little fact with EVERYONE in the world.

I have thought of picking that pen back up.   Then this gentle reminder comes home.



Saturday, March 3, 2018


As long as I can build for under $500, it seems a good idea.
Besides...  I can enjoy them at the range til it comes time to sell someday.  IF I sell someday.

Try and do that with a silver bar.....

On the value of backup plans.....

This year, a few physical issues have caused me to shy away from handling tons of firewood.

I've partnered heating with both wood and oil for years.  Depending on the price of either, I could move to the cheaper heat source at will.  
In addition, I had backup heat.  When power fails, I can still heat with wood and happily toddle through the day without issue.

Well, I am out of wood.  With a blown out knee, I didn't buy my usual big stack-O-oak.   We had enough wood to coast out a while, but have mostly relied on the oil heat.  That means buying oil... which happily has been nicely priced this year.

Well, I am out of oil now, AND out of wood.  The oil will be delivered on Tuesday.  The wood will be delivered in June.


So I'm on my backup to my backup.  My garage heat source, a propane heater.  Coupled with a 40 gallon tank, we have heat for days.  I can fill the tank without fuss at several local locations, or fall back on the 20 pound grill tank.

With this heater, I'm careful to only use it while I am in attendance. Besides, it tosses out so much heat that I can't run it constantly.  Perversely, my backup backup heat source is also my most powerful.

 The point is.... backups to backups to backups.  Have a plan, work the plan.   Sensible and thoughtful preparation should be an asset to life, not a chore or detriment.

Update:  This afternoon I decided I wanted an intermediate backup to my backup to my backup. The propane heater works, but has two downsides; It's output is TOO high, and I don't trust it left unattended overnight.

We just popped down to the Farm Supply and bought a 1500 watt quartz tower heater.  It's a nice fill in many ways, and will happily stay stored away in the attic/basement/garage/closet til needed again.

Yes.... that means FOUR  heat sources at the castle now.


Sunday, January 28, 2018

Civil war, thoughts on, interesting.....

The ideas presented here are certainly thought provoking.  I'm not sure how much I agree or disagree, but it certainly kicks off the thinker...

Self reflection....

I appear, even to myself, to be a supporter of Cheeto Jesus. Internally, I know I'm anything but. I didn't vote for him, based on what I've heard him speak on, I don't like the man. If he appeared at my home I wouldn't let him in the door.

That said, as little regard I have for the man, I believe him to be the best of bad choices from that election. I also think the choices he's made regarding judicial and economic issues have been positive for the nation on the whole.

Why do I appear to be a supporter? That's what I ask myself this morning. I think the answer is uncomplicated. It's not him I support so much, as his opposition I despise.

To my sense, the majority of the media and the majority of both parties have aligned against the peoples choice for president. *I* regard both the media and the two parties as enemies of the people, and most especially our liberty and happiness. They thrive on our discord, while instigating and feeding at every opportunity.

If they have decided Da Trumpster is against their money and power grubbing interests, then I'm almost forced to stand behind that asshole.

I feel dirty just saying that.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Thinking about Me-Too


Now a radio show on NPR. It plays during my ride home. All sexual abuse (Of women by men), every day, the entire show, nothing but that.

Of course, that pretty much leaves me out. I'm not a woman. I'm not a man who sexually abuses anyone. None of the women in my life are talking to me about the subject. I just don't have a dog in that fight.

Yeah, It's an important topic, but from my perspective it's not an hour-a-day-five-days-a-week topic. I need some mental variety to keep me awake on that ride home.

Still, it generated thoughts. I have a visceral instinct to demolish anyone who takes advantage of others like that, and listening to the show caused me to wonder if I know anyone who is on the 'to be ass kicked' end of that equation.

That got me to thinking about why it wasn't talked about much... and more importantly, why it was so carefully covered up so much. Horrywood, Congress, Universities, religions, Political Parties..... all moved heaven and earth to make allegations of sexual abuse vanish from the public eye.

An entire industry covered up Weinstein's crimes for a generation, rather than stain their mantel of perfection. An an entire political party and all their true believers buried Billy Boy's rape victims as deep as they could, as part of their power gathering. Penn State.... oh dear God..... Penn State would rather see herds of children destroyed than bear up to the shame of having their staffs crimes known. The Catholic church..... no pit of hell will suffice for those who covered up that hypocrisy and let the kids rot.

Yet.... people did it. They covered for the sickest and most perverted among their tribe. They set aside honor and decency and even their own humanity, just to protect and support their institution or their party or the purveyor of their beliefs.

It's not just sexual predators. It's crimes and hypocrisies of all size and color. People still do it every day, and learn nothing from what the Me-Too phenom revealed. Every time someone turns a blind eye to crimes committed by their fellow travelers, rather than risk shame to the tribe, they empower the criminals and dance on the graves of their victims.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018


"Look youngen...... here's a simple circuit on the board.  A source, a fuse, a switch, a load, and a ground, in that order.  If that load... say.... a light bulb.... is lit, we agree its a working circuit with continuity?  Yes?  Good.

Now... saying that's a twelve volt source, can we also agree that an available voltage test would read 12 volts anyplace in that circuit right up to the load... yes?  But... not AFTER the load.... Right?




Oh.... because that side of the circuit is the ground side.  We don't read 12 volts there because the voltage was used by the load.  After the load, it's all ground.... right?

So what does it mean if the switch is closed, the load does NOT operate, and we can read 12 volts after the load on the ground side?

What does it mean?

What does it mean?


No... it does not mean the fuse is blown, (you fucktwat).  NO... it does not mean the bulb is blown Fer GOdsbesaken fracken blacken sacken kibblesnort!!    Look... we can read 12 volts after the load.... that means we MUST have continuity from the source, thru the fuse, the switch, AND the load to get it to the ground side where  we are reading it.... RIGHT?

Okay.... so, before when we tested, we had 12 volts to the load but not after, because after the load the circuit WAS GROUNDED.  Now, we are reading 12 volts AFTER the load because the circuit is NOT........ NOT........ WHAT is it NOT anymore?!?

The battery?  You are telling me we are reading 12 volts after the load because the source is dead?"

There is not enough bourbon for this day.....

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Teaching young wannabe techs.....

I'ma devoting some skull time to thinking a few teacher thoughts.  Things like..... getting students to really grasp what a Voltage Drop test is, how it works, and when to use it.

What?!?   I can use my Voltmeter to find resistance in a live circuit?   That thar is cRAZY talk!!

Look youngen..... Ohm's law is a friggen LAW.    Voltage, current, and resistance are in lock step.  Change one, and the others will show it.  A Voltmeter only measures the difference in voltage between the leads..... no matter where your grubby paws put them.

If you put those leads on two ends on the same wire that has current flowing through it at 12 volts.... is there any reason to expect one end of the wire to have 12 volts and the other end of that same damn wire to have anything else but 12 volts??

No..... unless.....

What does it mean if one end has 12 volts and the other has 11.8 volts?   Your meter shows the DIFFERENCE between the leads.... what will it read?  .2 volts, or 200 millivolts..... Right?

If there is a DIFFERENCE from one end of the wire to the other..... then that means......??????

RIGHT!   Something got in the way!  We call that 'Resistance' boys and girls.... Resistance.   

So yes, a Voltmeter correctly applied in parallel to a live circuit will show resistance as a difference in voltage between the leads.  The higher the resistance, the higher the voltage difference (Voltage reading).

There.  Let your head stew on that a while.

The numbers are interesting, as is the situation. Both sides of the aisle have something they want, and both sides are hell bent to deny the other side what they want.

One side wants their temporary targeted immigration fix made permanent-ish without having to do their jobs of writing it into law. (I'm in favor of a path to citizenship for children brought here by parents entering the US unlawfully, although without any benefits of chain migration). I believe with all my heart they could not care less about the actual people involved, but are totally focused on recapturing power and see this as one component of that.

The other side wants taxpayer money for a wall (sorta) to appease their voters (I think). A symbolic wall that makes little sense, but looks good in photos for campaigns. (I think the idea of a physical wall only makes sense in very limited fashion, while other border controls would be cheaper and work better. Chief among them.... get the fuck out of the way of the Border Patrol and let them enforce the actual laws as written, while giving them the resources to do the job they were given).

BOTH sides of that aisle have failed to do their jobs, abdicated their responsibility, have acted without honor or honesty, and demonstrated a complete disdain for the citizens of this nation. They deserve not only to be relieved of their employment, but to be excoriated publicly for their crimes against their fellow citizens who entrusted them with authority. 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Stuff.... and things

Me:   "Well class, lets get busy and go do stuff!"
Good student:  "And things?"
Me:  "And things too, certainly. Stuff and things!"

And so, 'Stuff and things' entered my daily vocabulary.

Stuff around here lately...

With a knee in pieces, I haven't wanted to service the woodstove much.   So, the oil furnace is more relied on.  In turn.... I allowed the bloody oil tank to run dry TWICE this season, so far.

Monkey buggers.  Fell back on the wood stove anyway.  Last night it was 12 degrees here, so we dug down into the woodpile and got the *good* oak, which mostly lasted the night.  It burns hot and loooong, and is worth every penny.

One 2am refill (funny how the brain grinds you out of sleep and reminds you to do such things), and the house stayed at 60-70 degrees the whole time.

Oil will be delivered today, and I'll bleed the lines and fire the furnace when I get home late this evening.  Till then... burn, baby, burn.

All this got me thinking about backup heat again.  I've always had the oil furnace and wood stove as first-line heat sources, with a rather large propane garage heater as a distant third.  The propane heater will easily heat the entire house, but it's not really designed for in-home use.  It will do it.... but.....

I hadn't figured on busted up old man issues making the stacking and carrying of wood a problem.  I know better than to rely heavily on anyone else, no matter how well meaning they might be at times.  Once the work gets hard and sweat rears up, well meaning usually runs and hides.

So.... 'easy' backup heat.  I'm considering getting a kerosene heater, much like I used while raising a family on a tight budget.  Looking at them, I see the tech hasn't changed in 30 years.  By not changed.... I mean NOTHING has changed.  Same companies, same models, even the same colors.    HARUMPH!  You'd a thunk someone would find profit in building a better heater.... sheesh.   Then again, it's a thin market.  Just us poor and tightwad people.

On the 'things' side of the equation....

Yesterday was the second day of teaching this session, and my first opportunity to open the electronic grade book and start punching entries.  A look at the first page for my class was revealing, and I don't mean in a good way.

Over a third of my class roster has already failed this course at least once.  Several are on their third go!   Holy Whatdafuck?!?

Coincidence?  Bad luck on my part?  Was it done on purpose?  A lucky break for the students?

Yeah, I quickly did some thinking (it hurtses!) and decided to restructure my teaching methods for the next few weeks.  Ugh.   We shall see how this turns out, but you can bet I'll be all over this situation and calling in every bit of help I can.   Sheesh!

Ya'll have a lovely week, ya hear?


In conversation today:

"It's a question of quality of character".

I'll let you sort that out.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Why the 'media' will forever be distrusted in my mind, reason # 5641876.

For days I have been listening to stories on NPR (My daily companion as I drive to work, at least as long as I can stand their obvious biases) about the Trump admin's decision to end the *temporary* stay of Salvadorans given haven in this country since ...2001? Quite a long 'temporary' fix it seems.

What NPR, and every single other media outlet, has failed to mention..... that 'temporary' stay doesn't end for almost TWO MORE YEARS.

Yes, I said two years. Plenty of time for Congress to get off their booze swilling, graft grabbing, worthless, prevaricating asses and DO THEIR JOB to fix immigration policy.

The same as DACA. Cheeto Jesus gave Congress plenty of time to shut their pie holes and get their fucking jobs done. FIX the problem properly. Make good law. It's THEIR JOB. There is nothing... nothing at all.... stopping Congress from fixing immigration law except their own dedication to power enhancing strife. That blond refugee from a tanning bed has even said he's waiting to sign whatever they come up with.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

So...... 'Blue' states are screaming foul as their richest donors.... er..... citizens... are facing a reduction in their federal tax subsidies.

I have a wild and crazy idea.  How about these states consider lowering the taxes they fleece their citizens with?  

In all seriousness..... exactly WHY are tax payers in poor states subsidizing the richest of the rich in the rich states?

Monday, January 8, 2018

Spread this idea.....

Special council wants to interrogate Da Trumpster? Here's an idea.... I'd LOVE it if Trump said sure... but it will be live on national TV, and the Presidents lawyers get to ask question for question, with Mueller also under oath.. Ad sales can benefit charities of The Trumpsters choice.
It would be for charity, right? And anyway... what could Mueller possibly have to hide? Right?

Thursday, January 4, 2018


What does it say about my life that:

1) The doc says X-rays show I broke a bone in my leg, which healed up fine, but I never noticed....


2) I am irrationally excited about getting a new Ice pack I ordered from Amazon?

Friday, November 24, 2017

Interesting year so far.....

It appears this year will be skidding to an interesting close.  Without details, for reasons, I'll say the changes are mostly good ones.

Yeah, I'll be counting change from the sofa bank to put fuel in my car, and Christmas will consist of heartfelt wishes without monetary substance.  At least, till the new year comes around.

I've taken a new teaching job.   It's appearing to be a good'un.  More details when I can.

Ya'll be good, enjoy the holidays as best you can, and stay safe please.    Those best wishes to YOU as well.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

I'm charging my camera's batteries.   It's time to regain some skills, and learn new ones.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

8-17-17 Web log

Yeah... so just pass by.  Nothing to read here.

Standing in the kitchen, in my bare feet.  I don't like to do that anymore, as the dried debris on the floor sticks to my feet and I hateses it.

I open the fridge this morning, to be greeted by the usual empty milk jug.  Yay.

I see two large containers of mustard, both opened. Both exactly the same. Both in plain sight.  I guess someone was just too lazy to bend over, and opened another one.

A shelf down.... I try to move a jar of pickles.  Nope.  It's glued to the shelf, along with a bottle of soy sauce.  Glued down by spilled sticky stuff, and has been for a week.  I've been hoping... and hoping.... but no.   I wet a dish towel and I cleaned it up.

No one cleaned it up because no one cared.  No one cared about the mess, and no one cared about me enough to clean the mess they'd made in my refrigerator.

I spent a long part of my life living with a family who didn't care about me, and showed it in exactly the same ways.   I was angry most of those years, for what I thought were good reasons, and I guess that's part of why they never cared about me.

I'm not returning to that life.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

8-16-17 Web log

I took the new teaching gig a while back.  Good.... I like teaching.  It gives me the illusion of doing something worthwhile with my days.

The downside.... because there had to be one.... right?

My new commute (eleven hours a week-ish) has me spending about $60 a week in fuel.  Coupled with tolls, it's added a good $250 to $300 a month to the expense side of the ledger.

Health coverage..... the new job has WAY higher expense than the plans I've had for the last few years.  To the tune of another added $250 a month for coverage that's worse than I had before.

Boil it down, and my usable income after taxes and new expenses has dropped by roughly $6,000 a year since taking the new job. I've no one to blame.  It was my job to do the math, and I failed.

Add in everything else, and it's stress city.  This is getting scarily like previous times in my life. Not the good times.


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

You know what would make a cool experiment?

What if.......

We could invite three hundred people to a weekend conference, or maybe... a week long conference.

Hold it at some out of the way hotel where there's no night life or attractions to distract.

Choose these people from a wide variety across our social spectrum, as long as they self identify.  Conservative, liberal, progressive, right wing, left wing, socialist, Libertarian.... you get my drift.

Sit them down in mixed groups of fifty.  Hand each a list of 100 terms.  Labels if you will.
  • Liberal
  • Conservative
  • Racism
  • Freedom
  • Liberty
  • Progressive
  • Socialist
  • Nationalist
  • Patriot
  • Compassion
  • Threat
Etc Etc Etc........

Once they are each done individually defining their terms, then bring it all out for open discussion.  The goal is to define the words to a majority agreement.  That's it... just define the words.  It should be a simple task.

My prediction as to the outcome:  Almost everyone will start with a different definition of each term, and there will be a substantial percentage of folks who will flatly refuse any positive connotation towards anyone they feel does not agree with their philosophy.  Anyone not them is enemy, and enemy is evil, period.

Saving to read later. A new to me blog...

'Sense of Events' seems worth some time.    Saving the link here so I can drift back to it.

Monday, August 14, 2017

What did the Gub'ner do, and why?

Point the first: I have ZERO doubts that both the Mayor and Gub'ner had very self serving political reasons for encouraging the violence by withholding a police and Guard response.

Point the second: If *I* had been in uniform, and standing at the edge of those crowds, I'd have been deliriously happy to watch those idiots hitting each other over the head with sticks, and staying out of it. Some groups of morons *need* to play Thunderdome, to the betterment of our society.

Hey..... sell tickets and popcorn.... as long they are barricaded away from actual humans.

Riot self defense?

A question came by my screen: How does self-defense work in violent riots like that?

The answer, to my mind, is deceptively simple. When you hear about very stupid people planning to do very stupid things, *you* plan on being someplace else. Stupid is deadly. Always has been, always will be. Stay away from teh stupid.

As for the image, both those idiots are wielding deadly weapons. Spray fire at, or wave big sticks at, a police officer and they may not even have to fill out forms after shooting you. Killing stupid people who wave deadly things at you is accepted reason to kill them DRT.

That said... these two fucktards aren't trying to kill each other. They are symbolically having a 'who's gotta bigger dick' contest, and they both lost for being realistically unarmed.

Would I shoot either one of these morons at that point? Honestly, no. Not if I had room to step back, especially not if I had room to walk away.

*I'd* have forms to fill out, even if Officer Friendly doesn't

When life gives you...

When the overfed yard birds are giving you eggs like THESE:

Then a man makes quiches like THESE:

There were no survivors.  The skeptical audience soon turned into hoovers, and nary a crumb was left behind.

I was particularly happy with the Ham and Swiss model.  It was the garlic that tossed it over the edge.

Well, at least there's that.....

If we have to endure a collision between the fucktards and asshats within our society, at least we get some cutely ironic chuckle-memes out of it.

Yeah.... nothing says National Socialist race warrior like a tiki torch made by Chinese children.


Saturday, August 12, 2017


I had to put word verification on the comments, even though there really are not any comments to speak of.  Twenty or thirty spam comments a day to sift through...... to hell with that.

Seriously.... those folks can't do better than that with their lives?  

8-12-17 Web log

I worked a double yesterday. 6:30 aye em to 8:00 pee em. Also the added couple hours drive time to make that happen.

It seems the knee I thought mostly healed up was angrified by so much stomping around and scowling.  This morning, getting out of that warm and wonderful bed, the left knee gave a out a hearty 'Screw You Fat Boy' and done twisted my bad word knob up to elevenses. 

In another story, it turns out a 2.5 pound bag of frozen corn makes a PERFECT ice pack for a large swollen knee.   Mighty sweet luck, if you ask me.

In yet another story, I now realize that no battle was so carefully planned as the breakfast of a man with a bum knee, and very limited vertical minutes.

What some call a one pan stacker.  All cooked in one pan, and just stacked on the plate as you go.  Lay down some toast, and top it
with a tasty 'lil ham steak done up in butter in the fry pan.  On that, a couple fried eggs from the same pan.  Not done too hard, since warm egg yolk is a damn fine sauce over ham steak and toast.

Fill the coffee, hobble back to the recliner (Giving the parrot her due on the way past), and enjoy while RICEing the knee.

Critters are fed.  I'm fed. Herself is sleeping in.  My coffee cup is full.   All's good for now.

Gonna be a quiet day, I suspect.


Sunday, August 6, 2017

ErmaGERD! Someone on MeetDaDepressed said the party of diversity is rabidly intolerant! Damn..... I hope that guy has a squad of bodyguards when the fascist team catches up to him and tries to diversify his internal organs

8-6-17 Web Log

So wassa happnin.......

School:  Half way through this session, and its going well... so far.  Good bunch of mush heads.  Good enough that I need to push myself a bit to keep fresh meat in front of them.   Not sure if that says more about me than them.

I've been told my next session will be eight weeks.... teaching advanced electrical.  Ugh.  Surprise.  I THINK it will go well, but I have minimal curriculum prepared for that subject. The other instructors who teach that course are across the board on how deep they get into the theory, but are universally Freaking Sharp.  I think I will approach it from the angle of real world in the repair shop, much as I approach everything I'm instructing.

Both this course and the next are afternoon session.  Technically, my work day is 12:45 til 8:00pm.  Realistically, I'm in almost an hour early every day.    I get the job done, and I think I get it done in good fashion. On the other hand, there just doesn't seem to be much 'me' left after that. I lounge a few hours in the morning, drive an hour to school, work hard, drive an hour home, and then fall over.   This lack of 'life' is leaving a mark.  On me, on other people, on my home, and may even be harshing my calm a bit. 

What the above does is highlight how bad my home is getting, clutter and filth wise. To be totally honest with myself, this probably has something to do with how early I go in.  The mess and dirt turns my *home* into a place I can't stand to be.  If I don't have the energy to clean it up, then I leave.  

My classroom?  My shop?  Nearly spotless, and my students understand the need and keep it so with minimal nudging. I'm comfortable there.

My home.... or maybe I should just back that term off and call it 'My House'?  It doesn't feel like home so much anymore.  Home is a place you can relax and recharge, right?

Two adults, two children, and two cats.  Of that bunch, only one.. *Me*... is uncomfortable with living in a fucked up mess.  Every once in a while, I can manage and deal.  24/7 day in and day out for years?  Yeah.... I'm struggling here.  I'm having hellish flashbacks to being married with kids, and living in the same exact situation.  I dealt with it then, and finally went numb after years of anger.  I had to leave, and learn to live without constant anger in my life.

Perspective may demonstrate *I* am much of the problem.  Maybe my standards are too high?  Am I wrong?  It's hard to judge anymore.  I'd like to see my kitchen table more often than once or twice a month.  The rest of the time, it's piled with laundry.  The back/laundry room?   I see the floor every few months.  Maybe.  There's been a full laundry basket in front of the living room closet for.... months?  Blankets strewn around the living room grow crusty from non-stop kid lounging.  The cats litter pan..... sometimes it's so bad they simply move their business to the laundry strewn on the floor.  To top off that little party, the parrot shits on the floor at will.  Dishes.... I've stopped doing them daily.  I WORK daily, and float the boat here, and people are home all day.  Why should I have to come home from work and do dishes?

I'm not sure what words work regarding having Herself and kids living here.  I've grown attached to them.  That said.... if I lived alone I'd be coming HOME to a neat and clean HOME every day. Peace and sanity would be a lot easier to come by. 

Oh, and I'm out of whiskey and too broke to buy any.... and will be for the foreseeable. 

Yup....  Po Po Pitiful Blah Blah.



Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Thinking ahead a bit.....

Mind games:     

Who will the Republican party put forth as their next presidential candidate?

Who will the Democrats ram down their party members throats?

Will the Pubes get behind Trump for a second term, as seems to be traditional?   I'm not so sure.  There is a *very* solid case to be made that Cheeto Jesus is in no way a Republican.   I have no doubt the howling at Pube party headquarters last November was every bit as grinding as what emanated from the Dem's house of ill repute.

Will the Democrat machine announce their mandated non-refundable choice of candidate a few years before the next election, as they usually seem to?  Will the Democrat Bernites recall what the party did to them in 2016?

'Twil be interesting!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Self torturization.... or something

I learned about these things from a massage master.  It's what she used on herself, to reach those knotted muscles in her own back.

In use, one can usually find a good point on this thing to apply to muscles in need of pressure.  Muscle release happens after 20 or 30 seconds of fairly strong pushing.  The shape allows reaching all over ones own back, shoulders, neck, legs, etc.  The curve gives you something to apply force to, and transfer force to said muscles.  It looks like this in use:
(image from A-zon)
 Those longer straight bits with the knobs.... yeah, I know.  Turns out they are handles to pull on.   Bet you thought something different..... and that's why we are friends... lol.


Virtues of the vicious, Wilsey's new book....

'Virtues of the Vicious' by Martin Wilsey. 

This is a fun romp, and an enjoyable read.  I had the honer of beta reading the book for Mr. Wilsey, and this is the reward.

Quite literally, 'Will work for books'.

Ya'll go getcher self a copy if you're a mind to......



Friday, July 28, 2017

Friday evening

Done for the week.

* One Vicodin
* One Flexaril
* One pain patch.
* Four fingers of whiskey

And some pork fried rice.

Ain't my life exciting?

Thursday, July 27, 2017

7-27-17 Web Log

First afternoon with the new class yesterday.  The last class was most collision track, and generating interest was challenging.  This class is 100% performance track, and clearly... they will keep me stepping.   Brains at work, hardcore.

Okay.... challenge accepted.   I'll edjumacate me some motor-mush heads, and do it right good.  Here, Hold ma beer!

I was discussing dual clutch sequential transmissions with them yesterday..... First day of class.  Sheesh.

In other news, muscle pain in my neck.  Apparently from holding up my big fat head.  It's been going on for a week now, and by the end of the day it's teeth gritting time.

Last night I got home, retrieved a Vicoden from the safe, and washed it down with a glass of whiskey.  That bought me two hours of mostly-no pain.  It bought me a chance to hit the rack and go lights out.  I needed that.

I'll stop on the way to school today and buy Tylenol and Aspirin.  They'll do, as long as I stay ahead of it. 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

7-26-17 Web Log

Today I begin teaching afternoons for the next four weeks.  I slept in til 6am like a KING.

Four weeks with no alarm set.  That's .... nearly unimaginable.   After the next four weeks, I could be handed either days or afternoons.  No way of telling in advance.  They schedule what they schedule.

My first 4 week session with this school is in the books, as of yesterday afternoon.  My impressions...
  • The students are as expected.  Slightly more adultish than the high schoolers I was used to.  Only slightly.   People is people, and 19 years old is only marginally more experienced than 18 years old.
  • The school admin is what I expected.  Sadly, I have to redo some 'training' I did as a first year instructor.  It was idiotic stuff then, and this school uses the exact same material.  Same source, same print year, same..... boring and time wasting junk.   On the other hand, Meh. It's garbage material, but working it is a brainless exercise.  I can use the time doing rote work to think about things that matter.
  • My class starting today?  Seven mush heads, and none of them newbies.  I've already met them and they seem a fair bunch.  It's a cool fact that I've spent the last four weeks assembling curriculum material to teach this subject, and that allows me to spend more time now concentrating on the students.  It's time to kick that idea factory in the ass and CREATE.
My daily routine will change up a bit now, but it's a fair wee comfort.  I can sleep in til luxury hours, like 5 or 6 am!   Coffee at leisure, and breakfast too.   Think about my day, get ready, and leave by late morning.  There is time to run errands on the way in.... sweetness.   Then to school early to Get Things Done, and in class by 1:30 or so.  The day is over at 8pm, and I am on my way home. 

Hell, I've got so much useful free time, I could have an affair or something!   (Snerk)