Thursday, September 6, 2018

This is not a fresh story, having happened some short while back.  That means its had some soak time, and people have been able to think it through a bit.

I won't ask what anyone else would have done in that circumstance.  It would be a poor idea to state intended actions if X or Y happens, since X and Y never ever happen exactly like we plan for.

Still.... see what this Sheriff says, and watch the few seconds of video that shows it going down.  Think about..... what would you have done?

I have.

Kamala whowhut?

Over at Victory Girls, an opin that Kamala Harris isn't fit to be a Senator. 

I heartily disagree.  By definition, a Senator is a chosen representative of that states voters.  A 'person of the people' if you will.

I think Harris is a perfect representation of the kind of people that would vote someone like her into office.  Even idiots, fools, and parasites need representation, and she provides for her people.


Regarding the New York Times publishing an opinion piece aimed at the current administration.  

Firstus thought.... the NYT still exists?  Who knew?  I thought the Old Grey Lady was an Old Gory Ghost by now.  Huh.

Secondus, I am in a quandary over the piece.  I normally don't give a fig for something slithering in anonymously.  It has too much in common with a cat turd in the shoe pile.  We know for certain that a cat took a dump there, just as we know none of those Catholes will fess up and take responsibility. All we get out of the deal is a smelly shoe, and no one with guts enough to stand by their words.

On the other hand, there is a fuss being made over the piece, so maybe it should be paid attention to, for what smelly value it has?

Thus my quandary.  Do I ignore the cat turd of an opinion piece... or do I give it credence, which automatically gives the ring of truth to everyone saying there is a 'deep state' in the US government?  I'm told the cat turd author is quite clear in saying there is a group of folks working within to subvert the actions of the elected President.

Ignore the anonymous cat turd, or try to figure out who the cats are conspiring to shit in the shoes of American voters? 

Kaeperwho? NFL what? Who Dey?

Thinking about NFL, Kaeperwhatever, and Nike....

Boycotting Nike? That would mean I'd have to have ever considered buying their overpriced made-by-Chinese-slaves crap products. I've never had an interest in their products, and I doubt I ever will.

Kaeperwhatever and the NFL? Pretty sure the NFL has never seen a cent of mine, only occasionally gets the use of my eyeballs on TV, and I couldn't tell one player from another on my best day. Standing, kneeling, or capering like a drunken wallaby. The players are just people, with opinions like everyone else. I can't see any reason at all to give their opinions the slightest weight, any more than I do any other stranger. Frankly, I care more about what my cats think than what any NFL players think. At least my cats are honest assholes.

I simply don't get it. Who cares what they think? Who cares what advertising campaign Nike spends their cash on? (Aside from their investors, who seem to be voting with their money (As they should)). What difference in anyone's lives do they make?

Life's too short to worry about such self-inflated fools. I've got people in my life who DO matter.

Heck.... I've got bacon in the pan. THAT matters more.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Thinking about money

Recently (yesterday), this old man was considering the addition of a new car to the fleet, along with a new debt.  A 2018 Camry to lend more detail.   Rationalizing the reasons why it would be a 'good' idea is easy.

The killer is that debt.

I have grown allergic to debt.  It started when I was married to a woman who would happily spend, not only only every cent we had, but every future cent she could find a way to borrow against.

I walked away from that many years ago, and took with me an overpowering allergy to debt.  My credit rating, a parting gift of hers, is low enough to require a new rating system.... and I am okay with that.  I'd rather eat rice and beans for years than borrow money again.

I have no mortgage, no credit cards, no student loans, an almost-vanished car loan.... and no other debts.

The 2018 Camry, I don't really need that.  I have cars that serve.  

Sunday, September 2, 2018


Lord knows I loves me a good pot of coffee of a morn... but no coffee will erase all that Bourbon I sipped last night.


I may be too old for those shenanigans.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

In which I are an idjit...

Recovering from the knee thing, I've been thinking about taking up trap and sporting-clays.   You know... to get me out into the field and walking on broken ground a bit.  

Towards that end, I've been Jonesing HARD for a new shotgun.  Maybe a CZ Drake with five interchangeable chokes and a compass in the stock.

Today, I looked in my safe for something, and there it was.... a perfectly nice Mossberg with interchangeable chokes.

Huh.... I am an idjit....

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Paid the rent. Paid some bills. Money set aside to pay off a car loan this week.  Bought some minimal groceries.

Oh... look... broke again.

I really, REALLY, need to take a hard look at why that is, and how my life can be changed to fix that issue.  

Maybe it's time to rethink.  Coming up on the short end every day is sucking the joy from my life.

Monday, August 27, 2018

For the best. ....

I've taken to deleting Facebook from my phone during the week. The week is for work, not the social stuff.

Considering that hour long ride to work, and the other hour drive back home. ... I have LOTS of time to brood.  Not having a ready outlet is probably saving a relationship, such as it is.

Schmucks, all the way down.

Yes, I quote myself....
"The second amendment recognizes a citizens right to be armed. What it really means is a citizens right to self defense. Anytime some schmuck tells you that you aren't allowed to be armed for any reason, you really need to ask yourself why does said schmuck want you unarmed and defenseless? What exactly is said schmuck planning to do to you that works better when you can't defend yourself?"

Sunday, August 26, 2018

The first step is......

I don't see it as a huge downside if DaDems manage to kick out Trump over some Trumped up charge.  You see... I don't think they, as a party, will ever recover from the backlash of doing so. 

The 2016 election saw DaDems inner circle revealed in their actions, and that wizard don't look so good with the curtain pulled away.  DaPubs came across as bumbling idiots, and that may or may not be recoverable.  DaDems, on the other hand, are quite efficient at throwing anyone who gets in their way.. under the bus.. including their own voters. 

Should DaDems evict the peoples choice once again, ala the 2016 primaries, it may just pull the plug on their long term survival as a party.  If it's a good day, it'll take down both major parties.

When doctors run into something infected, the first thing they do is cut it open and let the corruption drain.  That always hurts, but afterwards it gets better.


Thursday, August 23, 2018

If someone tells someone else "Do what I want or I will hurt you", we call that extortion.

If a prosecutor says "Say what I want you to say or I will put you in prison", we don't call that extortion.

Where is the dividing line there?

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

I'm waiting on something to be shipped in via UPS. Tracking shows it stalled in Arizona since the 17th. UPS just keeps backing off the expected delivery date one day at a time. Email to UPS goes unanswered.

My last message: "The item being shipped is a firearm moving from dealer to dealer. My next communication will be with the ATF to determine what has happened to the firearm in question".

UPS's auto-FU chat system throws up some weird message about the item being 'in the system', and they'll assign a demonologist to look into it within the next 76534331 years. Or something like that.

Uppity date:    Tracking says the package made it cross country without ever being scanned.  'Out for delivery'.   We shall see.
Perhaps the moral is..... just relax and wait, and don't sweat over a tracking system that doesn't work. 


Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Cake or death?

At Pennhurst Asylum attraction, which is outstanding in their field.  By which I mean.... they will leave YOU Out Standing In Their Field for a very long time.

Moral quandary. A very small one, almost slightish.

I was at an event this weekend. Now, I've never considered myself handicapped, but after knee surgery I have to bite the bullet and admit I'm TEMPORARILY handicapped. 

So, at this event, many many lots and many people there, all having paid their way in. I'm hobbling, but hanging in there. Still, it all went pear shaped through some really bad, or just nonexistent, planning by the organizers. I had lots of unplanned time, fighting pain, to consider things.

I realized this outfit had not just failed to deal with ADA issues, they had thumbed their nose at them. Not just zero accommodations, but an appearance of laughing at them... but that could be my biased thinking, as I hate being forced into pain through stupidity. Clearly my own for even going.

My question of the moment. Do I let it go, as I'm inclined to do, or do I pursue it and ask authorities to brush them up on ADA regulations?

Monday, August 20, 2018

Just figured that out, didja?

The NY Post notices that the NY times tends to lie a lot.  Huh... go figure.

But... but.... they are SPECIAL 1%'ers!

"Pull their security clearances? Yeah, but that’s just a start. Strip them of all of the privileges they haven’t earned, then ship the whole useless bunch of them off to a desert island and see if they can survive eating their own smugness."

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Better every day....

I was walking the halls last week, talking with another instructor.  He asked about the knee, and if I was doing PT.

I said "Yup, right now!"

He looked perplexed.   I told him '"Somewhere between two and three miles a day, right here in school.  It's called 'teaching'.  We never stand still".


Lol.... reminds me of a few weeks ago on NPR during my drive time. One contestant was explaining that the Hillary Campaign had done almost exactly the same thing the Trump campaign is accused of. Contestant #2, I assume with a straight face, assured us that may be so, but it's okay because the Hillary campaign had PAID the Russians, so it wasn't a campaign or legal violation like that Dastardly Trump had pulled, allegedly getting FREE dirt on Hillary.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Paracon 2018 at Pennhurst Asylum. Strictly amateur hour for this event.

 A message from a not so happy 'customer'. 

I bought our tickets on-line. We showed up. 

I am 10 weeks out from a knee replacement, and NO handicap parking. So be it. Our group hikes in while I hobble along behind with my cane. 

What do I find? 30-40 minutes standing in the sun in a field, while Paracon tries to figure out how to take their own tickets.  Nobody moving.... and standing still in a field under the hot sun is fucking agony for me.

I move out of the line to find relief and be able to walk back and forth.... nope. Nice lady says a truck is coming through, I should move. 

I hobble to a picnic bench near the ticket booth, and five minutes later I'm told staff needs it. 

After tickets are finally being taken, I hobble up a path we are pointed at, to see staff wanding customers. I tell them "I'm legal concealed carry. Is that off limits here?" I'm told, yes, it is. Fine... where on the website does it say that? Where are the signs required by the state? Oh.... right next to the required handicap parking signs... in others words, there are none. 

I'm left with the choice of hobbling half a mile back to my vehicle. I ask the nice officer if a ride might be available in one of those golf carts event staff are using. Nope... they are all busy. 

So, I limp back to my car.... only to have my friends and I passed by a golf cart with staff who wave at us. Yeah.... so that was it for me. 

You got my money, and we experienced your amateur event hour. I hope you folks learned from this, but it's no real matter to me. None of us will ever attend anything there again.

Oh..... and we did FINE leaving a pile of cash that afternoon at Victory Brewing Company in Downington.  Darn nice folks who really know how to treat customers   Excellent beer and food as well!

Friday, August 17, 2018

Doing my part to eat up the eggses.....

Heat up the small cast iron, and set a dab of butter to melting.

Slice and dice one of yesterdays leftover hot dogs.  Not just any hot dog..... but a Hippy's Jalapeno and Cheese hot dog.  That's local meat-magic from way back.

Sizzle the diced dog while you stir up four fresh eggs (Move OVER you darn chicken) with a splash of milk, some kosher salt, and a few grinds of the black.  Pour said eggy mix over the diced sizzle dog and give 'er a stir to spread everything around.

Turn the broiler on.  Go do something else for 68 seconds.

When you get back, the eggs are about 50% set.  Leave them the hell alone, except for spreading a handful of shredded cheese of choice on top.  Carefully slide the iron under the broiler, about 10-12 inches down from the heat.

Leave the oven door open and sip coffee while you watch it closely.  Just as the cheese begins to bubble, and starts going GBD (Golden brown and delicious), pull the pan out and set it down for a few moments while you savor the smell.

Slide the eggy thing out of the pan, whole, onto a plate.  Top with a generous spoon of sour cream, and another of good spice salsa.

Noms away.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Facetwitchatgram whatevers....

Facebook, Twitter, instachatgram... whatever. They are companies, and their users are NOT customers. They are volunteer product. Their advertisers and list-buyers are their customers.

These companies have every right to ban or deny services to anyone they damn well please, for any reason or none at all. Just like those cake bakers have every right to deny cakes and gun shop owners have every right to decline a sale.

Disagree? Convince me different....

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Friday, August 10, 2018

Dragon awards

I don't recall signing up to vote on the Dragon awards.  Perhaps it was a Vodka fueled evening....

In any case, another ballot has arrived and I feel some duty to get this right.  The thing is, I ain't made of the specie.  Actually buying all these books would be a significant hit.  So.... I get the ones that are on Kindle unlimited, and the ones that are kindle-priced within my cheapness bounded reading sphere.

I'm not willing to pay $8 to $15 bucks for a data file I can't hold, and squeeze, and call George.   Too many books I begin get tossed before the second chapter for various reasons.  Bad characters, stinky-cheese overused predictable plots, even syntax and spelling errors.  Chief among my growlers are writers that need to invent worlds where every tenth word is made of whole cloth.  How do you build a mental vision when every sentence makes you stop reading and say WTF to yourself?  Go ask HGUthyers the Kithriss wrangler, and see what her says.

 Looks like I will have a solid weekend of reading and drinking ahead, and I only intend to vote in the few categories I feel comfortable judging.

Yeah, I'll even try to judge Marko Kloos's book, even though he de-FB'ed me for unexplained reasons (he musta peaked into my dark soul, or sumptin).

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Tech ramblins

My old Samsung Note 2 phone has been slowing down, and I was considering upgrading. But... it does what I want, and still works fine... except its slowing down. But.... New Shiny! But..... Busted Wallet!

Humph. This morning I DL'ed some sweet AVG and cleaned the old girl up. That, and ditching a few resource hog apps, and it's running high and fine now.

I *may* ditch FaceBook on the mobile as well. The app is ad-swamped, and insists on never, ever, showing me a straight up feed. Every refresh has my friends posts in weird and wonderful orders, with FB demanding to choose what I see or not see. Also, it suddenly wiped my settings and now auto-plays videos after I specifically set it not to. That grates a bit. Okay, it grates a lot.

Seeing as I'm tech minded for the morning, I'm also looking at a home router upgrade. Faster, better, fully bionic.... and something I can control from my phone with an app, LOL.

Yesterday I watched one of my students locking a housemate out of their router since he hadn't paid his share of the bill. HMMMmm says I..... that would be a darned nice option to have, what with a little girl in this house who likes to sneak about and be on the computer WAY after her bedtime.


Tuesday, August 7, 2018

3D printed ermagerg Itstheendadawerld

Some people have their backs up over plans being available on the internet for 3D printing firearms. To be blunt, I have some knowledge therewith, and these people are speaking from ignorance. Unless they are not... and then they are lying.

It's always been completely legal for a person to build themselves a firearm. Owning it legally may depend on location, and certainly certain conditions regarding prohibited persons. This 3D technology does not alter any of that, except to introduce a particularly expensive and poor quality way of doing so.

Last weekend, 64 people were shot in Chicago, and 12 of them died. All in one of the most heavily restricted firearms ownership cities in the United States. Ooops.... latest count makes that 71 people shot. In two days. In a city where no one (only law abiding citizens need apply) is allowed to buy or own a handgun.

NOT one of those criminal acts was done with a home made weapon, let alone a single shot rimfire the size of a toaster that had been 'printed' with $3K in equipment.

Allow me to throw a wrench into the discussion of Orwellineese shutting down knowledge because some few people have panty-bunched over it. Do you know who is the single largest distributor of free firearms design plans in the entire world? Yup.... that's right Sparky.... the United States Federal government. It's called the US patent office, and every weapon design for the last 100 years is there for the asking.

One of those plans, and an Afghan Immigrant from the Kyber Pass armed with a coal forge and some home made hand tools can build you any number of squad automatic weapons. You too can be laying down suppression fire in only a few weeks!

Or not.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Bread, daily, give us our. Alt title: Recipe? Who needs a steenkin recipe?

So once every few weekends or so, I get a hair up and decide to make bread.  To this day, I have never used a bread recipe in my life.

Yeah..... I have fed a few carbs to the chickens.

Not this year, though.  I seem to be getting the knowing of the way, after studying a few recipe books that delved into the science of bread.

What we have here is potato bread, and our lunch this fine day.

In the Kitchenaid went about 2 standard sized potatoes, boiled soft and cubed.  To this, enough water to start it breaking up.  The mixer gets fired for long enough that it's beyond mashed, and maybe drifting towards potato gluten pasty stretchy-ish.

Shut down old betsy, and add three eggs (we got LOTS of eggs just now), maybe a cup of water, a splat of butter, and a tablespoon of regular yeast.  Crank up Betsy for a bit till it's all gone blended, and then shut 'er down.  The timer gets set for 15 minutes, and I go sip coffee and relax.

The idea is to give the yeast time to proof and get cranked up.

Now that it's foamy, add a big 'ol poof of salt, and the first hit of Occident flour.  Turn on Betsy to slow, or be a ghost, and add flour slowly till it looks..... about right.  You know, kinda still wet but starting to ball up on the dough hook.

Crank up Betsy to 'wobble across the counter', set the timer for 10 minutes, and hold Betsy down with one hand while reading with the other.  A couple more tablespoons of flour, as needed.

Once it looked .... um.... done?, I buttered a deep crock and scraped the wet dough in by hand.  Cover and set aside in a warm spot.  In an hour, it's easily doubled.  I fired the oven to 400 to warm up.

The oven goes 'Gabeep Gabeep' to let me know it's at temp, so I shoved a thermometer into the dough and into the oven she went.

30 minutes later, I am back hovering as the remote thermometer is reading 127 degrees, and that last stretch goes FAST.  How fast?  I had enough time to run the sink and start a load of dishes soaking in hot water and vinegar.... that fast.  Suddenly the thermometer is wailing away that it's seeing 197 degrees, my pull temp.

Out of the oven, turned onto the board, and shortly thereafter it's sliced and buttered as our lunch  Herself and I ate half the loaf.  

Ugh..... so much fresh bready goodness......

Yeah... ya'll let me know when that happens....

I can't and won't say the current crop of climate screamers are wrong. Then again, the exact same people have been wrong so many times before.

You see, my young friends, I have lived through every 'climate scare' and 'petro scare', and 'freakish disease scare', and 'Roosky scare', and 'all the 'puters will 'splode scare' for the last 50+ years. I've become jaded.
And no.... turning it into a religion doesn't change anything. It's not about 'belief'.  

Not being privy to the science, and having no way to see my own questions answered, I can only judge by what I see of the people talking about this.

If I saw a bomb disposal tech running like hell and leaving all his toys behind, I'd be right on his heals. I don't need to know how bombs work, as long as I know how humans work.

If I saw a well-studied doctor wearing a breathing mask while duct taping his doors and windows shut... I'd be joining that duct tape brigade right quick.

Tell you what.... ya'll let me know when you see some celebrities or wealthy poli-critters bulldozing their mansions down, filling in their multiple heated swimming pools, and burying their limousines and private jets. I'll be right here, easy to find.

Oh hell.... I guess all I need to see is a 'climate conference' that's done virtually rather than by Lear jet, and I'll pay attention.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Fresh eggs...

We have a backyard flock of chickens.  I gifted them to Herself for Valentines day, knowing how much she likes her birds and her critters.  26 of those feathered buggers, and hardly two alike. All fancy or special.

Guess what we have lots and LOTS of just now.  Yup, you got it..... eggs.  We have three dozen in the fridge as I type this, and that's after giving away a dozen this morning, and knowing they will be replaced as soon as I wander out to the coop.

No worries.  We have all the eggs we can use, and lots to share with family and friends.

Now, I like egg dishes in all their forms. Scrambled, sunny side, custard, cheesecake... you name it.  One thing everyone in the house agrees on; Hard boiled eggs are a goodness.

Eating hard boiled eggs?  Easy peasy.  Cooking hard boiled eggs?  Easier peasier.  PEELING hard boiled eggs?  That's a ball of suckage with a helping of %$#@ you on the side.  I can't peel eggs on a good day, and fresh eggs make it ten times harder.

Yup... our eggs are fresh.  Fresh as in 'we argued with the chicken to get it' fresh.

Thus, I researched ways to cook and peel hard boiled eggs.  Today's bundle of joy to try:  Steaming the eggs instead of boiling them.

I used our bamboo steamer (Dumplings!), and cooked the eggs for 20 minutes under steam. From there to an ice water bath as is universally recommended.   Once they cooled, I tried to peel them right away, as recommended.

Me=0, eggs=11elevenses.

I crushed the whole batch and tossed them in the scrap food pot to go right back to the hens for recycling.    Currently searching for a plan B, but I suspect it will end up with leaving eggs in the fridge for three weeks so I can duplicate store-bought 'freshness'.

Friday, July 27, 2018


This was my first week back to work after the surgery.

And... I bagged today.  I stayed home with my leg up and an ice pack strapped to my knee.

I think I pushed it just a little too hard this week,  Yesterday, a couple 'knife' pains, which I interpreted as my bitchy knee telling me to back off... while I was still able too.  I almost hit the floor.

It's going to be a mostly quiet weekend, as I AM going to be back all next week.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Role reversal

Back when Billy Bob Clinton was Prez, he was called the Teflon President.  What was meant by that was Clinton's die hard supporters and the media (But I repeat myself) gave him a pass on every shady thing he pulled.

At the time, I ask some D friends a question.  "If Bill Clinton walked out of the white house, Shot a woman dead in the street and carried her screaming baby back into the white house while laughing, would you say he'd done something wrong?"

They refused to say it would be bad behavior.

Fast forward to today, and we have our Cheeto Jesus as Pres.  Now we have an opposite situation.  Now, Trump's most unhinged detractors and the media (But, I repeat myself again) find fault with everything he does.  Right up to getting out of bed and daring to still be alive.

I asked some D friends another question.  "If Trump was among a crowd, and jumped in front of a child to take a bullet and save the kid, would you say he had done something good?"


Florida shooting.....

The scenario, much of which has been cut in the video...

Car pulls up to the store and parks unlawfully in a handicapped spot.  A guy pulls up, gets out of his car, walks around the unlawfully parked vehicle to check the tag (it seems), and then verbally accosts the woman driving.

The women's boyfriend (husband?) comes out of the store, rapidly walks to the guy talking, and without exchanging words violently shoves him to the ground.  Knocked him back a good six feet or so.

Guy on the ground draws his weapon.  Captain McShovey had been stepping towards the guy on the ground, but backed a step or two upon seeing the guy was now armed.

Guy on ground pops McShovey in the chest a few times, and the guy staggers away to die.

  1. People in Vehicle A parked unlawfully in a handicapped spot.   Not nice. 
  2. Guy drives up, and takes it upon himself to school the not nice lady driver. Pushy, but just talk-talk at this point.  Me, if I had been ticked at not nice people, I'd have taken a few pictures and called the police.  I would not berate the other driver.  That's aggressive.
  3. Big Bad Dude walks up and slams the talk-talk guy into the ground.  Bad idea shithead, that's assault.  You thought it was all your way because you had at least 100 pounds on the guy you slammed.
  4. Guy on the ground is now armed and brandishing/preparing to shoot as BBD advances, and I can see where BBD was clearly a threat at that point.
  5. BBD realizes he's made a tactical error, and the little guy he slammed to the ground is actually capable of defending himself.  Oops.... time to step back.  First thing BBD did right.
  6. Guy on the ground fires, it appears a couple times.  BBD takes lethal wounds to the chest.
  7. BBD walks himself back inside the store to die.
 There's a lot going on here, and the aggressor role changes hands a few times.  At this point, the shooter has not been charged.

My thoughts....  Both these brain donors screwed up royally.  Big Bad Dude introduced violence to the situation where it wasn't called for.  He paid a hard price for that.   Talk-Talk dude probably shouldn't be driving around all prepped to aggressively berate idiots.  That's just a bad idea from almost every angle.

The key here is what happened when the guy slammed to the ground became an armed combatant.  Did BBD back off a few steps as he appeared and turn non-threat?  Did the armed slammee on the ground have time to comprehend that?

It looks like a bad shoot to me, but it all hinges on that second or two.  It may take a jury to attempt to sort it out.  Sad all round.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Religions, political parties, industries, institutions... anytime you get a group of humans together, they tend to eat their own. Always, they wonder 'Why Me?' and say things like 'It's not fair', while just days before they silently watched their tribe doing the exact same thing to others.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Will Trump run again?

Trump 2016

I'm no poli-tick expert, and I didn't even stay in Holiday Inn last night.  Still, I can ask questions, and think about things.

Trump is no politician, and cares zip about party BS.  He was a Dem most of his life, till he decided to run for President. He switched to Repub as the only option, since the Dem's wrap their primary in machine shenanigans so tight, even their own party members have no say in who is chosen.
Trump 2018

So, he cares nothing about which party takes his office next.  At the most, he may care about how hard the replacement will work at undoing whatever he's done while in office.  Both parties hate him and his success, but the Pubes might put slightly less effort than the D's into dismantling his 'legacy'.

I think The Donald wanted to win the election and be sworn in as President. but I honestly don't think he ever wanted to really have the job that much.  Sure, he's *doing* the job, but I think it's only because he's stuck with it.

Think about it.  On the day he was sworn in, his lifestyle took a big hit.  He was forced to move into what is a dump by his standards.  On top of that, he's now surrounded by assholes all day long.  In addition, he's now got 95% of the media trying to prove he's Hitler, or something, when just a few years they thought he was WUuuunderful.

Lets face it.  Unless one happens to be a true patriot, or a power hungry scheming sack of excrement, being President is a really crappy job. It's nothing but inescapable pressure, 24/7 hot and cold running dickheads, Pay so crummy (in comparison) that Trump just donates every penny to charity, and not one shred of credit for anything he does.

Why should he run again?   Politicians are low rent thieves compared to his bankroll.  He can just buy a few and control them like trained bears in the circus.


I'm perusing the news aggregators this morning, looking for anything that generates brain cell activation.  Survey says....  NOPE.   It's all made out of dumb. Maxine Waters level of dumb.

In other Me news, I return to work full time on Monday!   Friday, I'll drive out to do paperwork and get my classroom ready.  Two hours driving to spend two hours prepping.  Whatever, I am without the caring.  I'm Going Back To Work!

I suspect this first week or two going full time will wipe me out daily.  I know I'm not recovered 100% from the surgery, and stamina is an issue.  Again.... whatever.... I'm Going Back To Class!

Vitamins, Monster, Coffee, and gritted teeth.