Thursday, July 19, 2018

Will Trump run again?

Trump 2016

I'm no poli-tick expert, and I didn't even stay in Holiday Inn last night.  Still, I can ask questions, and think about things.

Trump is no politician, and cares zip about party BS.  He was a Dem most of his life, till he decided to run for President. He switched to Repub as the only option, since the Dem's wrap their primary in machine shenanigans so tight, even their own party members have no say in who is chosen.
Trump 2018

So, he cares nothing about which party takes his office next.  At the most, he may care about how hard the replacement will work at undoing whatever he's done while in office.  Both parties hate him and his success, but the Pubes might put slightly less effort than the D's into dismantling his 'legacy'.

I think The Donald wanted to win the election and be sworn in as President. but I honestly don't think he ever wanted to really have the job that much.  Sure, he's *doing* the job, but I think it's only because he's stuck with it.

Think about it.  On the day he was sworn in, his lifestyle took a big hit.  He was forced to move into what is a dump by his standards.  On top of that, he's now surrounded by assholes all day long.  In addition, he's now got 95% of the media trying to prove he's Hitler, or something, when just a few years they thought he was WUuuunderful.

Lets face it.  Unless one happens to be a true patriot, or a power hungry scheming sack of excrement, being President is a really crappy job. It's nothing but inescapable pressure, 24/7 hot and cold running dickheads, Pay so crummy (in comparison) that Trump just donates every penny to charity, and not one shred of credit for anything he does.

Why should he run again?   Politicians are low rent thieves compared to his bankroll.  He can just buy a few and control them like trained bears in the circus.


I'm perusing the news aggregators this morning, looking for anything that generates brain cell activation.  Survey says....  NOPE.   It's all made out of dumb. Maxine Waters level of dumb.

In other Me news, I return to work full time on Monday!   Friday, I'll drive out to do paperwork and get my classroom ready.  Two hours driving to spend two hours prepping.  Whatever, I am without the caring.  I'm Going Back To Work!

I suspect this first week or two going full time will wipe me out daily.  I know I'm not recovered 100% from the surgery, and stamina is an issue.  Again.... whatever.... I'm Going Back To Class!

Vitamins, Monster, Coffee, and gritted teeth.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Pew-Pew do shoot

 Range time to dial in Pew-Pew.  The Sig Romeo zero'ed in just a few rounds.  Easy peasy, although these old eyes do blur a bit trying to focus on the dot at 25 yards.  For fast shooting, it's pretty sweet.

Adjusting the Magpul BUIS sights, the first group at 25 yards is shown above.  Somewhat surprising for a budget AR pistol build. Four rounds touching, with one called flier.

The Fat Man is pleased.  I almost smiled.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Pundit boildown....

Lemme sum up the quotes..
"He's a brilliant idiot who's also a dangerous but laughable monster".
That about rap it up?

Listening time is so limited....

See, when Fox bashes Da Trumpster, I pay a little attention. Why? Because they say they are 'balanced', and several media studies show this to be true. So, when they jump on his back, I'll listen a bit. Maybe they are going to talk about something I don't know, or provoke a thought.

Now, what about CNN you ask? Nope. Their clear record is more than 90% negative towards Cheeto, so I already know what they are going to say. Why bother listening when they are locked onto their path like a train on downhill tracks with no brakes?

It's like Chucky Schumer. There is not the slightest chance that slimer would say anything good about any president who's not in his party. He's totally dedicated to his own power, and clearly has zero scruples regarding attacking anyone who gets in his way. Not a chance he'll say anything unpredictable, so why waste time listening to him?
I have limited ability to shovel bullshit anymore.  There's better things to do with the hours I have left on this earth.

Let us put that into perspective. If they spent $1000 towards a crappy apartment for every single homeless person in SickFrisco, that would be only 90 million bucks. They are talking about spending over three times that much, and their streets are still filled with homeless people, shitting everywhere but where civilized humans shit.

Hey! You Bubbling Pit Of Putrid Putrescence! What did your slimy thieving politicians do with the money?

No wonder the people who still can are trying to flee that festering sinkhole.

Eeerrr NERRRrrrr..... Der Sermitt!!

I'd like to say the fallout from this summit meeting will be fun to watch, but that would be silly buggers.

Both those politicians stood on stage and babbled effectively nothing of value, while reporters beclowned themselves before the world, demonstrating a (now-non) shocking lack of intelligence or civility.

Meanwhile, behind the curtains, nothing we'll ever really know about. We are not privy to the discussions of such high and mightyness. This means every pundits analysis will be constructed of hot air and Amish buggy exhaust.

It's not even very much as a circus, let alone something of substance. OTOH, we at least know what the boffins and knob polishers will be endlessly pissing themselves over for the next few days.


Glenn Reynolds has a thought provoking article up on USA Today, an occasionally surprising airport/hotel birdcage liner.

Thoughts? Are we a class-divided nation?  Do we have a 'ruling' class that is beyond consequences for their actions?

Privilege has it's roots in the notion of 'Private Law'. It's what the word quite literally means. Do we have a 'Privileged ruling class' that is above the law?

I would argue that there is no argument on this point.

Must we list names and crimes?


In other news, it seemed a rough night.  Could not get comfortable, and sleep didn't really happen.  One can imagine how... peppy... I am today.  Yeah, I bagged on PT for the first time.  Ugh.

The swelling is down muchly, but still there.  Doc (AKA:  Da Chopper) says I can look forward to that for six months to a year.  It takes time for bones to grow.

I'm not sure what last night was about.  Just nagging aches and pain.  Nothing huge, but certainly enough to vanish any thought of sleep..  Also certainly enough to laugh in the face of Tylenol, which is about all this current opioid paranoia will allow me.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Regarding Da Trumpster bashing on CNN this weekend... some thoughts.

Having only recently started watching Fox news occasionally, as well as other cable news networks, I’d have to say Fox News does not particularly support President Trump. To my eyes, they simply don’t go out of their way to report negative news concerning him, as CNN clearly does.

I could say this is only my opinion, but I’ve read articles referring to studies (Try Pew) that show the major networks are at least twice as negative regarding Trump as any other president…. ever. The Washington Post notes that it’s more than 90% negative across major networks. In that study, Fox came up right at 50/50, which may look like bias only when compared to news outlets that are running 90/10 negative.

9 times out of 10, CNN says negative things about Cheeto Man. Now, if you knew someone who publicly dissed you 90% of the time, would you even talk to them?

I'm gonna give Trump a pass on this one. He has some obligation (in my mind) to have clarity and transparency regarding his actions as President, and the media is a conduit for that. On the other hand, he's not required to work with people that spit in his face and kick him in the balls while acting like he is supposed to shut up and take it like a little bitch.

Everyplace else in our society, people like that are called bullies and assholes.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Over on the shooty blog..... new stuff is up!

Click on the image to be magically transported....


Zeke the parrot had her cage on the back porch for a few days. She loves it, til she gets lonely or wants to fly, and then we bring her back in.

While she was out there this time, a squadron of squirrels got used to the food she drops, and even managed to rob the food in her cage.

Yesterday I brought her in, as she was getting loud in the way which means she wanted in. Now she's loving life in the kitchen. (Closer to toast and snacks!)

This morning, the squirrel squadron is on the back porch, chittering and screaming for the free food. You can almost translate their indignant scolding. "How dare you take away our free stuff?!? Give us our free stuff!!"

Damn.... we got progressive socialist squirrels here....

Friday, July 13, 2018

They are getting what they asked for, and hating it?

'Global Warming' preachers demanded the peasants hand over their shekels and freedom before the alter of (Insert whatever the latest earth shattering doom plan is).

Well, US produced CO2 levels are dropping steadily, now down to levels not seen in over 60 years.  

You'd think them thar Ecopreacher folks would be dancing in the streets.... no?

NO.....because at the upper management levels it was never about reducing greenhouse gasses.  It was 100% about money and power.   

For myself, my epiphany came as I looked at aerial photos of AlGores secondary mansion with it's year round heated pool, and servants quarters big enough to house all those folks losing their homes to rising seas.

Did we mention it's an ocean front mansion?    

Thursday, July 12, 2018

There's talk-talk, and then there's ....

Aside from the auto-haters, there are quite a few folks who are really concerned about our president. I'm not talking about people who think what they are told and hate who they are told to by their apparatchik, but people who actually use their minds and consider their position.

Many of those people are devoting far more time considering Trump than they ever did Obama, Bush (s), Clinton, etc.

I think I have figured out why. It's because Trump is full of do-do.

You see.... the other presidents talked.... and talked..... and talked..... but rarely ever did anything about what they were talking about. They were full of talk-talk, but not much do-do.

Trump is certainly full of talk-talk, but he also has a nasty habit of following it with do-do. Often he do-do's right over Congress's heads.

It's like the NATO thing. Every single President I can recall has said euro NATO signatories are not holding up their end of the bargain, and are taking advantage of the USA. No one really noticed, or cared what they said.... because it was talk-talk.

Da Trumpster says the exact same thing, and people lose their sphincter control. Specifically, people in charge of those UN signatory nations that clearly are NOT doing what they agreed to do.

Why are they losing their clean undies? Because Cheeto Jesus has a history of actually following his talk-talk with a heaping helping of do-do.

People who are already full of shit get worried when someone comes along with another shovel of do-do and has that look in their eye.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Sleep would be nice, but it is what it is.

Not hurting so much, as just too uncomfortable to sleep. A few Benadryl tablets would probably drop me, and help clear my sinuses too.  But they won't clear whatever has my brain kicking over tonight. I mean... this morning.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Rights Vs. Slavery

I suspect every slave owner in human history believed they had a 'right' to the product of their slaves labor.  If only by their 'right of force', they thought their slaves belonged to them, along with every ounce of profit from their sweat.

There is an old saying.  'Your rights end at the tip of my nose'.  It means you have every right to life, liberty, and pursuit of your own happiness..... right up until you base your rights on MY slavery.

It might be better, in modern 'civilized' society, to say 'Your rights end at my unopened wallet'.

For those of us who work for a living and support ourselves, the money stored in our wallet, and bank account, and home equity, and personal possessions, represent the sweat of our labor.  We EARNED it.  It BELONGS to us.

I agree.  People have the right to purchase any health care they can afford.  My own health care is MY business.  I pay for it with my labor.  I EARN it.

People have the right to purchase health care, as much as they can afford.  The moment that right becomes transmogrified into simply a 'Right to health care' instead of a 'Right to purchase health care', it becomes a right that exists only based on the slavery of others.

The moment someone else's rights mean *I* have to pay for them against my will, I have become a slave.  They have become slavers.

History does not judge slavers well.  Nor do I.

I'd have paid hard American Cash to see this happen....

"So, it gives me great honor to announce my nominee for supreme court justice, Merrick Garland......... oh... oops...... sorry about that. My mistake. I was recycling old note paper from the oval office, and read the wrong part. I meant Brett Kavanaugh!"

Just to see that bus full of protesters waiting at the Supreme court go waist deep in rapidly expelled poo.

"Hey!  Where's the signs for this Garland guy?  You'll have to pay us extra if we have to make our own signs!  Anybody bring crayons?"
The law is not a sniper rifle with a trigger lock that only you and your buddies have a key to. The law is a %$#&%$ Hand Grenade that's sits in an unlocked crate. You don't get to choose who will be playing with that hand grenade next.

Consider..... next week all your most hated political enemies may, and probably will, have access to all those nice shiny hand grenades you build today.

We can call it.... 'Supreme Astroturf', okay?

Interesting astroturf.  The best astroturf. Very professional.  The most professional astroturf you've ever seen.  Just amazing astroturf.  I know astroturf, and this is the best astroturf. Trust me!

Within minutes of Da Trumpster's announcement of his choice of Supreme, 'Protesters' were on the steps of the Supreme Court.

MINUTES, mind you.

They were carrying professionally printed signs with anti-Kavanaugh messages, and referencing a website. A quick check on the website shows it's mainly a fundraiser blob, with some fact-less blurbs and astroturf fodder.

This website was reserved in June. June.

A quick check shows a likewise website was registered for every possible supreme pick on the same day. Only the one site was populated, as best I can check this morning.

So.... at the time of Cheeto's announcement, there were 'protesters' sitting on bus's in DC waiting to find out who the next authorized bad person is. At the announcement, they went to their Big Box 'O Signs and dug through to find ones bashing the newly authorized hate-ee. Then, they piled out of their buses and began the hate.

We are supposed to take these clowns seriously?

Note the Time of this tweet.  Hours BEFORE even knowing who the pick was, these bozos had already decided what they were going to 'report'.   It's not news. It's not journalism. It's Pravda.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Kind thoughts..

We's heading to Planet Fitness tomorrow morning at OMG'oclock.  The plan is to do so every day this week, and probably next week as well.  I need to build up for being back FT on the 23rd.

Both the Doc-Doc and the PT guy cleared me for low impact machines, and the nice young PT helper dude walked me through some machines today, what I am encouraged to do, and what I should avoid.  30 minutes was enough to make me wobbly.

Yes..... tonight it hurts like hell, but what are the options?   I WILL be on my game when I take on my next class.

Sunday, July 8, 2018



The knee doc is really, really GOOD at fixing knees.

Pain management, not so much.  

Coming home from the hospital,  a bottle of oxycodone  came with.  Including that bottle of 30 and the two refills, that would be 90 5mG tablets of legal ADDICTION DRUGS OMG WEALLDIE!!!

At least, that is pretty much the way the doc thinks.  Me.... um........  

Lets see.  If I followed the directions, each bottle of thirty would last about 3.5 days.  So, I made roughly 12 days worth of pain meds last FOUR WEEKS.  I logged every freaking pain med I took, for amount and time, from the day I got home.  I was down to 2 a night, just enough to break the pain and let me sleep most of the night.  The rest of the time is grinding teeth and Tylenol.

Doc says that's enough.

I might differ.  A little.  Honestly.... quite a lot.  I have no wish to be addicted to anything, more than I already am.  That said.....



For F^%$'s sake.... four weeks ago he cut my knee off with a chop saw.




You know, I've been trying to visit a Chick Fil A to witness the homophobia and racism first hand, but every one I get near is far too busy for my patience. Is that part of their bigoted plot? To keep inquisitive people out by staying insanely busy with paying customers?

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Sorry.... I can't hear you over this BEAUTIFUL day....

Holy day to be alive, Batman!   It's in the 70's, sunny, breezy, and PERFECT outside.  If I had written a request for a perfect Saturday to be anyplace but within four walls......

Friends coming over this evening for enjoyment, edibles, and shenanigans.  There may be a fire pit involved, as it's slated to cool off nicely.

A 10 pound pork butt, dry rubbed, is now on the grill at 220 degrees.  Later, I'll add some wood for smoke, and mop with a sweet vinegar something or other.  I figure about 10 hours or so.

Herself is making her potato salad, which is a wonderment.  I suspect there will also be some baking... but I won't swear to it.   Think Blueberry Cobbler, or some such.

Good cigars, 10 year old Scotch, and a day spent outside 'monitoring' meat on the grill.  Good friends, good food, and the finest weather one could ask for.

This all feels like a reward for something.

Silly twit.... no empire for you!

Wow..... what's it like to be so weak, other people can make you dance like a puppet merely by wearing a hat?

There was a time when the Brits ruled a large part of the world.  Now they have devolved to the point they can't be trusted with pointy kitchen knives, or self control, it seems.


I'll just leave this here......

Friday, July 6, 2018

Woo HOO!

Cutter Doc this morning.   He says I'm at 40% or so, with another year to be at 100%.

Yes, this is GOOD news, because I am damn near functional already, and thought I might be at 60-70%.  To me, this means I have a lot of positive ahead, and maybe even days with no pain!

Oh, he also cleared me for full duty and full time as of two weeks from now.  YESSS!!!

I'm already scheduled back in front of a class on the 23rd.  Right where I want to be, teaching what I like best, on my favorite schedule.

Now, there are some limitations. No pushing a lawn mower or trail hiking for... I guess.... the rest of the year.  Stay off uneven surfaces for that time.  The gym will be okay, just don't be stupid.  That right there, the 'don't be stupid' part, may be my biggest challenge.

Take for example, this moment in geniusosity...

Today, for the first time in four weeks, I attempted to use the toilet with pants on.  Evil, nasty, pantses.... we hateses the pantseses.....

Think about that.  With pants on, both legs are tethered together and one can't be stretched out while squatting down.  They must stay in line to support the body as it lowers, and this might just be the most flexing people do with their knees on any average day.

Yeah..... there is 'stings a bit', and then there's 'Holy fuck what HAVE I DonE!?!?'.

On the other hand, it's good to have a new goal in front of me.

Thursday, July 5, 2018


Agree?  Disagree?


Patrick Tomlinson..... so yeah..... take him at his word.

A few minutes checking twitter, Amazon reviews, etc.... and yup.  This is exactly what the writer says and thinks.   Act accordingly in spending your reading $$.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Jack's Tavern, in Millersville

Over at Dragon's, a quick review of Jack's Tavern in Millersville.

Everyday blades.....

Tam started me thinking about this.

I *think* I've had this Kershaw for about 10 years now. 8 at the least. The Kershaw I bought as backup has been laying in my sock drawer so long the box fell apart. Under $40 at the time, and a squeal of a deal at that.

It's an Onion designed blade, with the 'Speedsafe' opening device. I DO like the fast and easy way the blades snaps out with it's spring assist. It's also easy enough to open against my leg or with two hands so the straights don't wet their panties.

It used to have a more pointier point, but like almost every pocket knife I've had.... something happened to it. I've gotten good at re-shaping blade points, and have arrived at this tiny Tanto profile that just suits how I use pocket knives.

The point snapped off, the anodizing of the scales is worn and dinged, and the edges went shiny years ago. All that just means it's proven itself in some pretty harsh working environments.

A Navy shooter once queried why I was carrying it in my shirt pocket (At the time). I explained I was an instructor in a public school, with high school seniors as students. I had learned that anything in my pants pockets could be lifted or fall out, but not so easily from a shirt pocket. It just took time to learn the draw.

This old bugger still responds to stone and steel, and manages to bear up to daily carry. I've got others, and lot's more expensive ones, but this is what I carry.


I have built a handful of ARish devices using components bought from Palmetto State Armory.  Mostly, I've been quite pleased with the products they've sold me.  Decent quality at excellent prices.  In fact, thinking back, I haven't really had a single complaint about anything I've bought from them.

Along the way though, I've learned a few things about ordering from PSA that I'd like to share.

  • Don't be in a hurry.  Really..... Don't order from PSA if you have any kind of time limit before your project idea bursts into flames or something.  They will ship when they ship. It might be a couple days.... it might be a couple weeks.  Remember: Good, Cheap, or Fast.... pick any two.  Fast is not on PSA's radar.
  • Forget about tracking numbers and such.  Somehow, PSA renders them meaningless.  Occasionally they work, but my experience has been hit and miss. More likely than not, my purchase arrived on the same day PSA marked it shipped.  In fact, I have an item still marked 'processing' which arrived here months ago.
  • There's not much point to calling and asking where your stuff is. I only tried this once, but it ended with the distinct impression the organization might be a bit understaffed and over-flustered.  Just have patience.   I have read they will fix any real issues, but understand that ship happens when it happens.
That's about it for the PSA.  

Yes, I am waiting on some stuff from them.  Yes, it promises to be a ball.  No, I won't tell you what it is.  You'll just have to wait..... like I am.


Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Tam speaks a truth....

Here, she talks about a moment in time. 

Two things I believe come to light in the situation she describes.

Goblins prefer easy targets.  If their intended victim choice suddenly seems less than easy, they will almost always move on to victims that don't make their pee-pee's shrink up.

People who are *aware* of their surroundings, and have *A Plan* for such situations, express a field that Goblins can sense.   It screams in their tiny minds..... "Danger Will Robinson". 

Me?  I generally look like I hate the world and everyone in it... And I'm ready to share my feelings.  

What can I say... it's a gift.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

What day is it?

Being out of work to recover from having my leg sawed off, it's so easy to lose track of time.  All those little markers that tip us off on days of the week.... most are missing right now.  Especially that feeling of hope, relief, , and exhaustion that teachers feel right around Thursday morning.  'If I can just hold it together *two* more days....'.

The Physical Terrorists began upping the game yesterday.  Flexing to 98 degrees, and straight out.  Gently, I suppose, but they are getting real about it now.  Measuring instruments have come into play. Stairs have suddenly appeared.  Hellish rubber bands and the word 'Squat' have been used.

I mentioned to the Terrorist once again, I Have A Plan, and will be back to work on the 23rd at the latest.  "Of JULY?" he said, seemingly taken back.    Um Huh.... yes dude..... July.

In other news, and I mean ALL OVER the news.... politics is getting more entertaining by the day. Kennedy puts in his notice, and The Crowd Goes Wild.

That sound you hear?  It's the sound of Petards firing off all over the political landscape.   People won't have to look hard to find embarrassing reminders of recent Supreme battles, and a lot of Poli-Tick twonks are going to be slapped with their own words all day, every day, for months to come.

Time to stock up on popcorn and ammo....