Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lol.... BIG brass ones......

Yesterday, with my rectum still bleeding from what the school admin has done to my future as a teacher....

The principal walks up and asks if I might have a copy of the video presentation I built for last years graduation ceremony. He wants it as background to play while he speaks before some group.

This was a presentation I put together after the graphics instructor bailed out for medical reasons, and the school needed a professional level presentation on near zero notice to show before thousands of parents and supporters. It was a presentation I worked on at home every day for two weeks, doing all the photography, scoring, and assembly. It was a presentation that earned rave reviews from parents, and became part of the yearbook DVD the school sold them.

It was the presentation not one person in administration said 'thank you' to me for doing.

Now, four months later, the dude with the tie and the big paycheck 'needs' a copy of my work.

Honestly.... all I could manage to do was stare at him. As he left, his huge brass balls made an incredible clanging sound as they crashed against the door frame.


Ted Amadeus said...

All that faux-job security in the FULSOBureaucracy ISN'T worth the bullshit you have to put up with, but don't take my word for it - go to the doctor & have your blood pressure checked.

Old NFO said...

I'd have let him 'buy' it for my labor rate... :-)

Carteach0 said...

Thought about 'losing it' NFO, since it hadn't appeared of any value to anybody.

Naa.... I'm not going down that road, because I'm not them. I do what I do to satisfy my own sense of honor.

I posted it on the network for him today, and sent a message to that effect. I know I won't get a thanks, but that reflects on his character, and not at all on mine.