Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New sharp thing


Marko showed his... and that led me to read up, and that led me to buy it, and the magic of modern shipping management put it in my hands before Marko's post has even rotated down a spot.

The Kershaw Blur opens with one hand, and has a torsion bar to aid opening. That makes it fast and easy.

How fast?

Well... start counting seconds... 'One thousand....' By the time you get to 'Wa....' the blade has snicked into place and locked.

Me likes. So far. Time will tell.


Anonymous said...

I have a couple of Kershaw knives. Really like the assisted opening feature and the way they stand behind their product if service is needed.
Rey B

Anonymous said...

Do they ship the assisted opening knives to PA?


Carteach0 said...

Why yes, of course. It IS part of the united States, after all.