Monday, September 19, 2011

Stupid administration rant, #2451

So we have two copiers in our school. ONLY two. More are not allowed, as they cost.... gasp.... money. Both copiers are large industrial office sized, as should be. We buy paper five pallet loads at a time.... we are a bleeping school for Sheba's sake!

Only one copier is available to instructors. Between day and evening programs (All technical), that means roughly 40 instructors and something over 1000 students worth of material. Figure 25 reams of paper each day.

The other copier (The size of a small aircraft carrier) is reserved for the use of approx. twelve people. This order originated after the school director wished to make a copy, and had to wait a few minutes for the machine to come free.

Speaking of which... it's 6:20 in the Aye Em, and I'd best be off to school. The line for the copier is an hour long on Monday mornings, as all those highly paid instructors stand around waiting.

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Old NFO said...

Arrggghhhh... Idjits all, and they ARE running the asylum!