Saturday, May 24, 2014

Oh.... and as long as I am on about relationships......

THIS little slice of whacko came by e-mail from 'Pedantic Geek' about 6 months back.  90%+ assurance I know who this is. I suspect she had maybe been in her cups when she wrote it:

I am glad that you are happy now. You deserve that. Please be careful. A dream gun is only a dream gun after you have owned it for a long time. A gun can be many things. You don't know the gun until you have owned it for at least 6 months. I respect the fact that you have what you want and I won't get in the way of that. Regardless of what you believe, I'm not like that. Despite your current situation, I remain constant. I'm not going to fight the good fight right now, because it is fruitless. You will just dig in your heels and that won't be constructive.
I know you don't care what happens to me right now because your sorrows are being soothed, and you are still angry with me, but, perhaps someday you will care. When things went pear shaped, I went on the defensive. That brings out the worst in me. You have no idea how truly sorry I am. Constructive conversation could have helped solve the mysteries. I'm not perfect, but, I am not the person you believe me to be. I wish you knew the real story, which can be proved, but I will not get that chance, because you will not allow it. It's a long story that you have chosen not to hear. You don't know the real facts. If you did, you would feel completely differently about me. You know things. I know things. Would you not save a drowning man? Would you stand there and do nothing? I can't see you doing that, being the humanitarian that you are. Please consider saving that man. He needs help going forward. He would be very grateful.

I ask but for only one day of your time to discuss things, and sort out some issues. Please consider my request. Please don't make this a regret that we both will have to live with. That can be avoided with compassion and humanity. Maybe you feel I don't deserve it. Know that I would do it for you, no matter how angry I was, because my perspective is that it would be the "right thing" to do, for you. Sometimes you should do something that is the right thing for someone else, and not necessarily what you consider to be the right thing for you. Been there, done that!
I don't want to say more here, but you will receive a communication in a different venue soon. Please keep an open mind and try not to be angry.
You are the only person (who knows me ) who believes that I am a mean person. I have an Irish temper, but I always apologize. Please give me the opportunity to apologize to you and let you see the real me: Not the person you have been led to believe I am.  

So, isn't that a serious slice of WTF?

The women I have been involved with most of my life.... seriously involved.... have either gone nuts or been that way before I was with them.   There is something important about that fact.

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