Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Sarah has chosen sides, despite neutrality.  I understand that.  Neither Jess nor human nature would allow anything different.

Sad..... I was hoping that would develop into something long term.  I really do like her.  

So be it.  It will be only one of many changes.

So far, no real indication that Jessi is planning on leaving.  Yes, lots of giving-away-stuff and throwing away as well, but not a word on when/where/what.  I know it won't be real till after it actually happens.

In fact.... it won't be real till after her stuff is gone and I have changed the locks.  THEN the place will be mine, and I can begin considering how to make it all my home.

Backup plan if she won't move out?  I haven't one yet.

In regards to 'my' stuff walking out while I am not here..... there is little I can really do.  One thing.... I ordered a trail camera and will place it where it can watch comings/goings out the front door.  If anything of mine walks away, it may at least catch the act.

Down the road a piece, I will order a second, and place it out back.  I like the idea of having images captured of movement (day and night) at the house.  Especially images captured by devices that are not obvious, and should be unexpected.

Blog post there someplace, I think.....

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