Sunday, June 1, 2014

*  Setting up a couple rifles for chucks this summer.  The .17 Savage and the .22 CZ.  Scoped, accurate as hell.  Now I just need to make the time happen.   

Think I will be carrying the .17 in the trunk, and stopping at Matt's B&B on the way home sometimes.  I also need to go over and see the farmer across the street.   Perhaps he would be amenable to some woodchuck thinning.  I need to work on those old skills.... sneak, stalk, shoot.

* Social life....  Fading back to the norm, as it always does.   Be honest with myself... if Jessi told me today she was moving out, I would not be heartbroken.  I would likely be quietly elated.  The thing is, how to make that happen without hurting her emotionally?

* Lets face it.... I want S again.   That needs to happen again :-)   Thing is... kids, husband, free time alone, etc etc etc.  Likely to be a rare occurrence.   The passion she has, that's reviving.

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