Friday, July 4, 2014


Looks like Jes is moving out in installments.  More stuff is missing each day.  Can't be TOO much longer!

We did the 'walk around the house and divide shit up' thing.  It was more like a 'walk around the house and see how much money you will give me for shit' kind of thing.   It was REALLY cute when she tried this little blackmail stunt to get 'moving expenses' from me.  "I know you don't have renters insurance and I'll tell Craig  blah blah yadda yadda".

In the end, after subtracting what she owed me, the number came out to less than $200 my pocket to hers.  Since this was way less than I planned on giving her anyway, I bought some more junk from her to bring the total up.  Hey... less disruption in my life if less furniture moves out of the house!

Last night (thursday), did the M&G at Loxleys.    I had planned to have a few beers, unwind, spend a bit of time with Caroline there, maybe talk to Lori.

Weird..... the phone went crazy before I left home.  Jen texted, and she wanted to go do something.  Laura texted, I think for the same thing.  Lori texted to let me know she was there already.  Someone totally new on SLS e-mailed and opened a conversation, said she was going to Loxleys too  (didn't see her)......

Beginning to take a long look at the house and thinking how I might like to move things around after Jes is really out (and the locks are changed).  Considering keeping my bedroom where it is, and making the big bedroom into a library/den kind of thing.   The other room, I'll keep an eye out for a spare bed to put in there for guests.

Choices!  Only thing for sure is... money will be tight and I need  to work my ass off!

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