Sunday, December 28, 2014

Seeing what is there.....

Some years back, I arrived at school my usual hour early.  Ignoring administration pointless edicts on instructor parking, I stopped to open the gate to my programs compound and pull in.

Looking to the side of the lot, I saw the remains of a vehicle waiting for salvage yard pickup.  The windshield was shattered, and perhaps it was a flash of dawn sunlight that caught my eye.

Learning photography, trying to build my skills, I had begun to pay closer attention to details.  Small views, different angles, how the light paints the world.   This led to my examining the world in different ways.  Sometimes, limiting myself to just what the lens shows the viewfinder.

That's how this image came to be.  Standing there, looking at that wrecked car, I realized there was beauty hidden in the carcass of the crushed automobile.

The details......

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