Sunday, July 12, 2015

Ribs..... the day after

The dry rub had a touch of heat, via smoked Indian paprika. Nice facet, but one to be used carefully. 

The garlic, onion, thyme, and pepper added significantly to the flavor, although might be just a touch too overwhelming. The brown sugar.... that can be cut back just a bit, given the sweetness of the sauce that came later. In fact, the sugar could almost be eliminated.

I could see a variation which uses a wet rub instead of dry, and used a touch of honey and vinegar. 

The sauce, Sweet Baby Ray's Vidalia Onion, was spot on. Adding it's flavor to the dry rub was a chance, but it worked out decently. Cutting it 50/50 with whiskey made for a nice spreadable sauce that still clung well, and survived the heat of the grill (250-300 degrees).

Altogether... 8 hours in the fridge with the rub, followed by 6 hours on the grill, with the last few hours adding a slather of sauce every 30 minutes or so.

Thoughts..... a good, tasty rib. A little powerful in flavor, and a little overpowering of the meats flavor. I'd like to try the same recipe, with less time under the rub and less time under sauce.

The steel box full of mesquite chips I rested on the one lit burner? Too little smoke to matter, even with filling it a few times. This is a grill, not a smoker.

What's next? Perhaps a good sized beef brisket, marinated, and then done slow like the ribs.

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Carolyn Zerbe said...

I think brisket would be delicious. Maybe with a stronger vinegar based sauce. Sauteed onions and cabbage in whiskey with a tiny touch of brown sugar on the side? Or a more traditional sauerbraten on the side. Purple cabbage with Apples onions, vinegar and sugar? This has some real potential. I also have a recipe for a sauce made from gingersnaps. Yum.