Sunday, March 13, 2016

The happiest days in a boat owners life are..........

This followed me home, quite literally, on the back of the Subbie.  All glorious 14 feet of 40 year old Sears flat bottom goodness.

As close as I can tell, it was last on the water about 25 years ago.  The transom reflects this, as it's more rot than actual wood.  Other than that, it needs a serious scrubbing and that's it.

 (The transom was dissolving in flakes as I towed the boat home.)  One weekend very soon, I'll grind off the rusted fasteners and install a new transom with stainless hardware. Probably two weeks from now, weather depending. 

The engine?  A 5 horse Chrysler that's older than my girlfriend.

It spins, has compression, and feels like I can make the recoil starter work.  Given time, I'm sure I can get it running.

That said, the boat will get a trolling motor first thing, and that's good enough for what fishing we'll be doing this Summer.

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