Tuesday, March 1, 2016


I was a registered independent voter for most of my life, but some years back I switched it to Republican as my state has a closed primary.  That means you only get to vote for your registered parties candidates in the primary.

The Dems always..... ALWAYS.... ran a machine party candidate, and they seldom had a second choice even running by the time my state voted. No point registering as a D, unless you pull that party lever no matter who they run, like a good little idiot.

The Repubs... on occasion... actually had a choice in the primaries.  Rarely, but sometimes.

Well, this year I may go back to independent, if I bother doing anything at all.  The primary is a waste, as the candidate field is barren of worth on all sides. 

The general election?  At this point, it's a matter of searching through a bucket of shit, trying to find the cleanest lump to rest your slice of pie on.

The other races?  I'll vote against anyone already in office.  There's not a single one of those carpetbaggers who should hold office.   Thumper the wonderbunny would be a better choice.

I'm a heartbeat away from 'let it crash and burn, we'll start over'.
Not that my vote or voice matters much.

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