Thursday, April 14, 2016

I'm a registered......

Listening to NPR this morning, I heard something quite refreshing. A man, a Republican party official, carefully explaining that in their party (just as in the Democrat party) the primary elections and caucuses have no bearing at all on who receives the party nomination. It was refreshing because it's a seldom admitted truth.

That is the reality. For both major parties, the fix has been in for generations. Our 'popular' vote.... you know, what you and I think... does not matter the slightest. The party leadership will decide who we may (or may not) vote for in general election.

This has never been so clear, and I think this is largely why that man was on NPR this morning, as in this election cycle. Both major parties have non-anointed people running as party members and taking the lions share of the popular vote.

Thanks for making me think, Mr. Man on NPR. Good point made. If my vote is meaningless to the party leaderships, then why in the world would I register as a member of either major party? I've long wondered this, but never acted on it.

Til now. Just now. I moments ago changed my party affiliation to 'none' in the PA election system. I was only registered to a party so I could vote in a primary, given our states closed primary system, and now they kindly reminded me that my primary vote is meaningless to the process anyway.

I am registered 'None'. Seems fitting, as none of the bastards are worth a vote anyway.

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