Friday, April 22, 2016

So.... I just got done building a bargain basement AR-15...

And now I want to build another (better) one.  Sheesh.

The one above, soon to get a 500 round no-clean test. I'd like to see how the cheapest upper I can find will hold up.

Side note:  Herself said, upon my function testing the newest rifle, 'What does it say about my life that I now know exactly what that sound is?"


jon spencer said...

Can you build one that is less expensive than a Anderson Arms AM-15? They are going for right around $500.
I am just starting to look for a less costly (I'm cheap) one.
When I start pricing, even with a 80% lower the prices are coming in a little above that $500 mark.

Carteach said...

Try shopping on-line at Palmetto State Armory. $500 is kind of a price point on a cheap functional AR. Any less is real bargain hunting, and any more is stepping up in quality and features.