Sunday, May 8, 2016

Living with music here in the future.

I haz a pair of these exact headphones, and recommend them highly.... if that's a thing you like.  I wear mine while doing house chores and such, driven through Bluetooth by my cell phone.  Pandora stations almost exclusively.

Funny story attached to these.  I originally got them for work, and had maybe two blissful weeks wearing these while I was stunningly productive.  The headphones blocked out a distracting world of people and noises, while channeling music into my skull that drove me forward at speed.

Only two weeks, for then my employer asked me not to wear them in the shop.... for safety reasons. He thought I couldn't hear people (My ENTIRE point in wearing them!).  He also said, if I was wearing them to block out loud noises, I could use the free work-provided foam earplugs. They block out everything pretty efficiently.  For safety, and saving hearing, and stuff.

Sigh.   So anyway, I wear these around the house and enjoy them greatly.  If you like music, and living in the future, you might enjoy them too :-)

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