Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sunday food pron....

Man food on a cool morning... Home fries done crispy in butter, seasoned with fresh ground pepper. Covered with yesterdays sausage gravy, made with delinked country sausage and fresh creamy milk. On top, a simple sunnyside egg, the quintessential provider of sauce.

I'm using a new T-fal pan.   It allows for things my beloved cast iron often doesn't.  Cooking without fat, should I wish, as an example.  Non-stick has come light years since I first growled at such pans that scratched from nothing more than an unkind word.

This week I will attempt eating nothing that is processed.  Eat only what I make myself from basic ingredients.  I can do this because I am ON VACATION this coming week,  Thank whatever deity that cares to take an interest in my life.

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