Monday, June 12, 2017


Whats been happening?   Stuff, things, and whatsis.

I've gone back to instructing.  A for-profit college level tech school that shall go unnamed at their request.    The wrenches are still at my last employer, in case of need... but he hasn't communicated a need yet.  Thus, they will likely come home soon.  I really only desire one 'job' at a time, so they will get dusty I expect.

The cats are fatter, and still assholes.  Just lazier assholes.

The parrot is still an asshole, period.

We have chickens now, and they are mostly not assholes.  Mostly.  They sure do crap a lot, though.  Hopefully they are converting weeds and bugs into that crap.

I filed for divorce, again, hoping for a clean no-fault.   Silly me, she's still a fucking loon.  Her Gimme peddle is still smashed to the floor.  Back to zero contact, as it's the only thing that's worked.

Why am I opening up this blog again?  Because.... rarely..... I desire to express an opinion or note some thoughts.   This seems a likely place.

That is all.

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Rick T said...

Welcome back, thanks for opening your blog back up!

Yes, parrots can be assholes but they've had 65 million years plus/minus to practice. My AG can be a real handful one minute then a snuggler the next.