Wednesday, June 14, 2017

6-14-2017 Me me me.... just journaling without point

My last day on afternoon shift, 'training'.  Then back to morning hours. The rest of the week, and all next week, the school will be empty as all but a few are on break/vacation.  Some admin people, and two instructors who are too new to get vacation (Waving hand in the air) will be stalking the mostly empty building.

I'll have a mostly quiet week to get training modules done and prepare for class.  Piece 'o cake!   On the 26th, I get my first class at this joint.  A bunch of bright young souls to preach manual drivelines at.  For a given value of 'bright', anyway.  We shall see.

This school is a commercial entity.  There is a veneer of professionalism and dedication to good instruction, but the profit motive is ever-presently lurking.     A thought I had.... it's refreshingly so, after leaving a school that was exactly the same, only they kept it hidden deep in the scary dungeons of admin minds.

I'll admit to having concerns regarding incoming student (s).  These are 'adult' students, and rules are different.  Discipline is different.  I am told by other instructors that backup from the front office is slim to none, and even amounts to push-back at times.  I'm not sure how much of that is hazing and how much is real.  In the end, I must chose my own path, as always.

In other news of the day for this here web log..... the whole business of eating better and getting my sweatiness on is beginning to pay off.  The weight is down a few, but more importantly.... I feel better.  Hitting the gym with Carolyn a few times each weekend, and getting in a few miles walking is making a difference.

I am working up to a regular  hour workout at the gym, which I hope to do 3 times a week as my work schedule stabilizes.
A mile on the hamster mill with a decent incline and speed to work up the heart rate, and then off to the torture machines for a while.

The worst, and my favorite, is something the gym-rats call the Ab Slayer.  Ugh.  I am doing 5 sets of 5 with 40 pounds so far.  My goal is 6 sets of 5, at 100 pounds.   Just a few weeks of that and my gut is tighter... mostly from fear and pain.

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