Monday, June 12, 2017

Thoughts on trunk guns....

Times are perilous, and carrying some extra weight may seem a good idea.  I'm talking something more than the standard gat in a holster on one's hip.  A shotgun, or maybe even an EBR, in the trunk (Or backseat... YMMV).

That's a thought I've had, anyway.  Reading the news, such as can be had, it appears Bad Stuff is Happening A Lot More.    Yeah.... the chance of needing 30 rounds of 5.56 seems to be rising.

But.... rising how much?   How about from .0001% of needing it once in this lifetime to maybe .005% chance of needing that carbine before leaving this mortal coil.  At least, that's what my darkly vision seems to be seeing.

Put it this way:  Whats are odds of needing an EBR in your vehicle over the next year?  To be honest.... vanishingly small.  Now, what are the odds of your vehicle breaking down and letting you sit on the side of the road this year?  I am guessing not so vanishingly small.  We all know someone who's broken down and had to call for a tow.  How many of us know someone who's needed an M-4orgery on short notice while cruising the hood?

Now.... Imagine being all busted down and waiting on the wrecker.... and having the friendly local Po-Po stop by to check you out.  Seems reasonable, doesn't it?  Far more likely than running into a team of Aloha Snackbar twits from the local Islamic outreach committee.

I suspect Officer Friendly might get a bit nervous on finding you quite heavily packed for a simple 'ride to work'.  In fact,  he might readily wonder if YOU are an AST from the IOC.....

Just thinking out load, ya know?

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