Wednesday, July 26, 2017

7-26-17 Web Log

Today I begin teaching afternoons for the next four weeks.  I slept in til 6am like a KING.

Four weeks with no alarm set.  That's .... nearly unimaginable.   After the next four weeks, I could be handed either days or afternoons.  No way of telling in advance.  They schedule what they schedule.

My first 4 week session with this school is in the books, as of yesterday afternoon.  My impressions...
  • The students are as expected.  Slightly more adultish than the high schoolers I was used to.  Only slightly.   People is people, and 19 years old is only marginally more experienced than 18 years old.
  • The school admin is what I expected.  Sadly, I have to redo some 'training' I did as a first year instructor.  It was idiotic stuff then, and this school uses the exact same material.  Same source, same print year, same..... boring and time wasting junk.   On the other hand, Meh. It's garbage material, but working it is a brainless exercise.  I can use the time doing rote work to think about things that matter.
  • My class starting today?  Seven mush heads, and none of them newbies.  I've already met them and they seem a fair bunch.  It's a cool fact that I've spent the last four weeks assembling curriculum material to teach this subject, and that allows me to spend more time now concentrating on the students.  It's time to kick that idea factory in the ass and CREATE.
My daily routine will change up a bit now, but it's a fair wee comfort.  I can sleep in til luxury hours, like 5 or 6 am!   Coffee at leisure, and breakfast too.   Think about my day, get ready, and leave by late morning.  There is time to run errands on the way in.... sweetness.   Then to school early to Get Things Done, and in class by 1:30 or so.  The day is over at 8pm, and I am on my way home. 

Hell, I've got so much useful free time, I could have an affair or something!   (Snerk)

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