Sunday, July 23, 2017

Crazy twisted conspiracy thinking.... or Russia.... but I repeat myself.....

Interesting. The man behind the genesis of the never-ending Russia story refuses to testify before congress, subpoena or no subpoena.
That alone is interesting, as are the details behind his story and how it came to be assembled. What is *more* interesting to me are his contacts and cohorts.

What if...... I mean, just say what if...... this whole 'RUSSIA BOOGITY BOOGITY' thing is a construct of Russian intelligence? What if it's built from whole cloth, phony from the get-go, and designed to simply make American politics even more FUBAR than it already is?

That would neatly encompass and explain much, including both Cheeto Jesus's entanglement AND the millions of dollars that flowed into Shrillaries pockets from Russia.

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