Thursday, August 17, 2017

8-17-17 Web log

Yeah... so just pass by.  Nothing to read here.

Standing in the kitchen, in my bare feet.  I don't like to do that anymore, as the dried debris on the floor sticks to my feet and I hateses it.

I open the fridge this morning, to be greeted by the usual empty milk jug.  Yay.

I see two large containers of mustard, both opened. Both exactly the same. Both in plain sight.  I guess someone was just too lazy to bend over, and opened another one.

A shelf down.... I try to move a jar of pickles.  Nope.  It's glued to the shelf, along with a bottle of soy sauce.  Glued down by spilled sticky stuff, and has been for a week.  I've been hoping... and hoping.... but no.   I wet a dish towel and I cleaned it up.

No one cleaned it up because no one cared.  No one cared about the mess, and no one cared about me enough to clean the mess they'd made in my refrigerator.

I spent a long part of my life living with a family who didn't care about me, and showed it in exactly the same ways.   I was angry most of those years, for what I thought were good reasons, and I guess that's part of why they never cared about me.

I'm not returning to that life.

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Dimppys Place said...

Take a deep breath. Hopefully things will improve. Hugs!