Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Thinking ahead a bit.....

Mind games:     

Who will the Republican party put forth as their next presidential candidate?

Who will the Democrats ram down their party members throats?

Will the Pubes get behind Trump for a second term, as seems to be traditional?   I'm not so sure.  There is a *very* solid case to be made that Cheeto Jesus is in no way a Republican.   I have no doubt the howling at Pube party headquarters last November was every bit as grinding as what emanated from the Dem's house of ill repute.

Will the Democrat machine announce their mandated non-refundable choice of candidate a few years before the next election, as they usually seem to?  Will the Democrat Bernites recall what the party did to them in 2016?

'Twil be interesting!

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Bob said...

A lot of the answer to your question depends on how the investigation by "indendent" counsel Robert Mueller works out, and also what happens in world events between now and election time. If Trump is vindicated by Mueller's investigation - - or fires Mueller, because the Deplorables will still support him if he does so - - it will depend on whether we are at war with North Korea, Iran or other countries, whether the Wall has been started, whether the economy is still booming, and if Obamacare has been repealed/replaced. If Trump has substantive progress in these things and we aren't in a quagmire war, he'll be re-elected if he chooses to run again.