Thursday, January 18, 2018

Stuff.... and things

Me:   "Well class, lets get busy and go do stuff!"
Good student:  "And things?"
Me:  "And things too, certainly. Stuff and things!"

And so, 'Stuff and things' entered my daily vocabulary.

Stuff around here lately...

With a knee in pieces, I haven't wanted to service the woodstove much.   So, the oil furnace is more relied on.  In turn.... I allowed the bloody oil tank to run dry TWICE this season, so far.

Monkey buggers.  Fell back on the wood stove anyway.  Last night it was 12 degrees here, so we dug down into the woodpile and got the *good* oak, which mostly lasted the night.  It burns hot and loooong, and is worth every penny.

One 2am refill (funny how the brain grinds you out of sleep and reminds you to do such things), and the house stayed at 60-70 degrees the whole time.

Oil will be delivered today, and I'll bleed the lines and fire the furnace when I get home late this evening.  Till then... burn, baby, burn.

All this got me thinking about backup heat again.  I've always had the oil furnace and wood stove as first-line heat sources, with a rather large propane garage heater as a distant third.  The propane heater will easily heat the entire house, but it's not really designed for in-home use.  It will do it.... but.....

I hadn't figured on busted up old man issues making the stacking and carrying of wood a problem.  I know better than to rely heavily on anyone else, no matter how well meaning they might be at times.  Once the work gets hard and sweat rears up, well meaning usually runs and hides.

So.... 'easy' backup heat.  I'm considering getting a kerosene heater, much like I used while raising a family on a tight budget.  Looking at them, I see the tech hasn't changed in 30 years.  By not changed.... I mean NOTHING has changed.  Same companies, same models, even the same colors.    HARUMPH!  You'd a thunk someone would find profit in building a better heater.... sheesh.   Then again, it's a thin market.  Just us poor and tightwad people.

On the 'things' side of the equation....

Yesterday was the second day of teaching this session, and my first opportunity to open the electronic grade book and start punching entries.  A look at the first page for my class was revealing, and I don't mean in a good way.

Over a third of my class roster has already failed this course at least once.  Several are on their third go!   Holy Whatdafuck?!?

Coincidence?  Bad luck on my part?  Was it done on purpose?  A lucky break for the students?

Yeah, I quickly did some thinking (it hurtses!) and decided to restructure my teaching methods for the next few weeks.  Ugh.   We shall see how this turns out, but you can bet I'll be all over this situation and calling in every bit of help I can.   Sheesh!

Ya'll have a lovely week, ya hear?


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