Sunday, January 21, 2018

The numbers are interesting, as is the situation. Both sides of the aisle have something they want, and both sides are hell bent to deny the other side what they want.

One side wants their temporary targeted immigration fix made permanent-ish without having to do their jobs of writing it into law. (I'm in favor of a path to citizenship for children brought here by parents entering the US unlawfully, although without any benefits of chain migration). I believe with all my heart they could not care less about the actual people involved, but are totally focused on recapturing power and see this as one component of that.

The other side wants taxpayer money for a wall (sorta) to appease their voters (I think). A symbolic wall that makes little sense, but looks good in photos for campaigns. (I think the idea of a physical wall only makes sense in very limited fashion, while other border controls would be cheaper and work better. Chief among them.... get the fuck out of the way of the Border Patrol and let them enforce the actual laws as written, while giving them the resources to do the job they were given).

BOTH sides of that aisle have failed to do their jobs, abdicated their responsibility, have acted without honor or honesty, and demonstrated a complete disdain for the citizens of this nation. They deserve not only to be relieved of their employment, but to be excoriated publicly for their crimes against their fellow citizens who entrusted them with authority. 

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