Thursday, January 11, 2018

Why the 'media' will forever be distrusted in my mind, reason # 5641876.

For days I have been listening to stories on NPR (My daily companion as I drive to work, at least as long as I can stand their obvious biases) about the Trump admin's decision to end the *temporary* stay of Salvadorans given haven in this country since ...2001? Quite a long 'temporary' fix it seems.

What NPR, and every single other media outlet, has failed to mention..... that 'temporary' stay doesn't end for almost TWO MORE YEARS.

Yes, I said two years. Plenty of time for Congress to get off their booze swilling, graft grabbing, worthless, prevaricating asses and DO THEIR JOB to fix immigration policy.

The same as DACA. Cheeto Jesus gave Congress plenty of time to shut their pie holes and get their fucking jobs done. FIX the problem properly. Make good law. It's THEIR JOB. There is nothing... nothing at all.... stopping Congress from fixing immigration law except their own dedication to power enhancing strife. That blond refugee from a tanning bed has even said he's waiting to sign whatever they come up with.

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