Saturday, March 3, 2018

On the value of backup plans.....

This year, a few physical issues have caused me to shy away from handling tons of firewood.

I've partnered heating with both wood and oil for years.  Depending on the price of either, I could move to the cheaper heat source at will.  
In addition, I had backup heat.  When power fails, I can still heat with wood and happily toddle through the day without issue.

Well, I am out of wood.  With a blown out knee, I didn't buy my usual big stack-O-oak.   We had enough wood to coast out a while, but have mostly relied on the oil heat.  That means buying oil... which happily has been nicely priced this year.

Well, I am out of oil now, AND out of wood.  The oil will be delivered on Tuesday.  The wood will be delivered in June.


So I'm on my backup to my backup.  My garage heat source, a propane heater.  Coupled with a 40 gallon tank, we have heat for days.  I can fill the tank without fuss at several local locations, or fall back on the 20 pound grill tank.

With this heater, I'm careful to only use it while I am in attendance. Besides, it tosses out so much heat that I can't run it constantly.  Perversely, my backup backup heat source is also my most powerful.

 The point is.... backups to backups to backups.  Have a plan, work the plan.   Sensible and thoughtful preparation should be an asset to life, not a chore or detriment.

Update:  This afternoon I decided I wanted an intermediate backup to my backup to my backup. The propane heater works, but has two downsides; It's output is TOO high, and I don't trust it left unattended overnight.

We just popped down to the Farm Supply and bought a 1500 watt quartz tower heater.  It's a nice fill in many ways, and will happily stay stored away in the attic/basement/garage/closet til needed again.

Yes.... that means FOUR  heat sources at the castle now.


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freddyboomboom said...

I'm happy to hear you're not totally without heat. When I lived in Alaska that was much more of a worry than here in the Oregon Territory.

Having a backup to a backup is prudent for lots of things in your life. Thank you for the reminder.

As a backup to the LED lanterns I got as a result of your suggestion a few years ago, I got some white light Cyalume light sticks. Long shelf life. 12 hour duration. 10 per box. They sit on a specific shelf in my den so I always know where they are.

I like the long shelf life of Eneloop rechargeable batteries also. Rated to retain (I think) 85% of their charge three years after charging. I find them to be handy.

I hope your knee heals well sooner rather than later. I also hope the rest of your weekend goes well. I'm off to try a new crumpet shop. Hopefully they'll be yummy!