Saturday, June 2, 2018

There is no chemical fix for a mechanical issue.

Yeah, all the 'theys' were saying "Try this!" and "My uncle's cousin's cat's grandfather said Voodoo helped a lot".   Yeah.... just gonna go with NO on that.  Thanks for all the advice.

I've a knee or two that have had the snot beat out of them over a lifetime of working for a living. Every mouthful of food those people ate came with a price tag, I guess.

The left one is basically an '89 Subaru with 320,000 miles on the clock, rusting out, leaking oil like a bastard, and barely does flats, let alone hills.   It still works, but badly, and isn't worth fixing.  In the words of the Knee doc, "I can go in and fix it, but it would be like putting up new wallpaper while the house is on fire".

Most of the meniscus is gone, so it's bone on bone  (Joy Joy Happy Happy).  The ACL is..... um..... missing.  Seems I snapped it a long while back and it just left for a better life someplace else.  It's at the point that I am effectively handicapped and my life is heavily limited because of this traitorous joint.   Hell, I've put on 25 pounds this past year simply because I'm not doing the five or ten miles a day I have all my life.

Yup, done.  It's only going to get worse.  Time to fix it for reals.

Next week the knee doc is sawing the whole mess out, and nailing in a new one. Plastic and stainless and melted down squirrels for all I can tell.   It's going to be a cast iron bitch doing it and rebuilding that mess, but at least it can begin getting better each day instead of worser each day.

What really chaps me?  You'd think there would be something special available by now, wouldn't ya?  Bionics..... remote control..... lasers?   All I want is a knee with frickin bionic lasers!  Is that too much to ask for?

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