Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Rights Vs. Slavery

I suspect every slave owner in human history believed they had a 'right' to the product of their slaves labor.  If only by their 'right of force', they thought their slaves belonged to them, along with every ounce of profit from their sweat.

There is an old saying.  'Your rights end at the tip of my nose'.  It means you have every right to life, liberty, and pursuit of your own happiness..... right up until you base your rights on MY slavery.

It might be better, in modern 'civilized' society, to say 'Your rights end at my unopened wallet'.

For those of us who work for a living and support ourselves, the money stored in our wallet, and bank account, and home equity, and personal possessions, represent the sweat of our labor.  We EARNED it.  It BELONGS to us.

I agree.  People have the right to purchase any health care they can afford.  My own health care is MY business.  I pay for it with my labor.  I EARN it.

People have the right to purchase health care, as much as they can afford.  The moment that right becomes transmogrified into simply a 'Right to health care' instead of a 'Right to purchase health care', it becomes a right that exists only based on the slavery of others.

The moment someone else's rights mean *I* have to pay for them against my will, I have become a slave.  They have become slavers.

History does not judge slavers well.  Nor do I.

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