Saturday, July 7, 2018

Sorry.... I can't hear you over this BEAUTIFUL day....

Holy day to be alive, Batman!   It's in the 70's, sunny, breezy, and PERFECT outside.  If I had written a request for a perfect Saturday to be anyplace but within four walls......

Friends coming over this evening for enjoyment, edibles, and shenanigans.  There may be a fire pit involved, as it's slated to cool off nicely.

A 10 pound pork butt, dry rubbed, is now on the grill at 220 degrees.  Later, I'll add some wood for smoke, and mop with a sweet vinegar something or other.  I figure about 10 hours or so.

Herself is making her potato salad, which is a wonderment.  I suspect there will also be some baking... but I won't swear to it.   Think Blueberry Cobbler, or some such.

Good cigars, 10 year old Scotch, and a day spent outside 'monitoring' meat on the grill.  Good friends, good food, and the finest weather one could ask for.

This all feels like a reward for something.

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