Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Cake or death?

At Pennhurst Asylum attraction, which is outstanding in their field.  By which I mean.... they will leave YOU Out Standing In Their Field for a very long time.

Moral quandary. A very small one, almost slightish.

I was at an event this weekend. Now, I've never considered myself handicapped, but after knee surgery I have to bite the bullet and admit I'm TEMPORARILY handicapped. 

So, at this event, many many lots and many people there, all having paid their way in. I'm hobbling, but hanging in there. Still, it all went pear shaped through some really bad, or just nonexistent, planning by the organizers. I had lots of unplanned time, fighting pain, to consider things.

I realized this outfit had not just failed to deal with ADA issues, they had thumbed their nose at them. Not just zero accommodations, but an appearance of laughing at them... but that could be my biased thinking, as I hate being forced into pain through stupidity. Clearly my own for even going.

My question of the moment. Do I let it go, as I'm inclined to do, or do I pursue it and ask authorities to brush them up on ADA regulations?


freddyboomboom said...

Personally, I would reach out to the organizers first, then if they give you a brush off contact someone with more authority.

But I cannot direct you. I do understand and sympathize with your issue as I have a similar one in which long term standing or walking is ungood for portions of my anatomy.

Carteach said...

I messaged them on FB, with no response. I can see they read the message, but that's it. I'm assuming they just don't care, as they've left me nothing else to think.

freddyboomboom said...

This, then, is the time I would contact someone in "athoriteh" to let the organizers know their non-compliance may hurt them.