Friday, August 17, 2018

Doing my part to eat up the eggses.....

Heat up the small cast iron, and set a dab of butter to melting.

Slice and dice one of yesterdays leftover hot dogs.  Not just any hot dog..... but a Hippy's Jalapeno and Cheese hot dog.  That's local meat-magic from way back.

Sizzle the diced dog while you stir up four fresh eggs (Move OVER you darn chicken) with a splash of milk, some kosher salt, and a few grinds of the black.  Pour said eggy mix over the diced sizzle dog and give 'er a stir to spread everything around.

Turn the broiler on.  Go do something else for 68 seconds.

When you get back, the eggs are about 50% set.  Leave them the hell alone, except for spreading a handful of shredded cheese of choice on top.  Carefully slide the iron under the broiler, about 10-12 inches down from the heat.

Leave the oven door open and sip coffee while you watch it closely.  Just as the cheese begins to bubble, and starts going GBD (Golden brown and delicious), pull the pan out and set it down for a few moments while you savor the smell.

Slide the eggy thing out of the pan, whole, onto a plate.  Top with a generous spoon of sour cream, and another of good spice salsa.

Noms away.

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