Friday, August 10, 2018

Dragon awards

I don't recall signing up to vote on the Dragon awards.  Perhaps it was a Vodka fueled evening....

In any case, another ballot has arrived and I feel some duty to get this right.  The thing is, I ain't made of the specie.  Actually buying all these books would be a significant hit.  So.... I get the ones that are on Kindle unlimited, and the ones that are kindle-priced within my cheapness bounded reading sphere.

I'm not willing to pay $8 to $15 bucks for a data file I can't hold, and squeeze, and call George.   Too many books I begin get tossed before the second chapter for various reasons.  Bad characters, stinky-cheese overused predictable plots, even syntax and spelling errors.  Chief among my growlers are writers that need to invent worlds where every tenth word is made of whole cloth.  How do you build a mental vision when every sentence makes you stop reading and say WTF to yourself?  Go ask HGUthyers the Kithriss wrangler, and see what her says.

 Looks like I will have a solid weekend of reading and drinking ahead, and I only intend to vote in the few categories I feel comfortable judging.

Yeah, I'll even try to judge Marko Kloos's book, even though he de-FB'ed me for unexplained reasons (he musta peaked into my dark soul, or sumptin).

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