Wednesday, August 22, 2018

I'm waiting on something to be shipped in via UPS. Tracking shows it stalled in Arizona since the 17th. UPS just keeps backing off the expected delivery date one day at a time. Email to UPS goes unanswered.

My last message: "The item being shipped is a firearm moving from dealer to dealer. My next communication will be with the ATF to determine what has happened to the firearm in question".

UPS's auto-FU chat system throws up some weird message about the item being 'in the system', and they'll assign a demonologist to look into it within the next 76534331 years. Or something like that.

Uppity date:    Tracking says the package made it cross country without ever being scanned.  'Out for delivery'.   We shall see.
Perhaps the moral is..... just relax and wait, and don't sweat over a tracking system that doesn't work. 


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