Saturday, August 18, 2018

Paracon 2018 at Pennhurst Asylum. Strictly amateur hour for this event.

 A message from a not so happy 'customer'. 

I bought our tickets on-line. We showed up. 

I am 10 weeks out from a knee replacement, and NO handicap parking. So be it. Our group hikes in while I hobble along behind with my cane. 

What do I find? 30-40 minutes standing in the sun in a field, while Paracon tries to figure out how to take their own tickets.  Nobody moving.... and standing still in a field under the hot sun is fucking agony for me.

I move out of the line to find relief and be able to walk back and forth.... nope. Nice lady says a truck is coming through, I should move. 

I hobble to a picnic bench near the ticket booth, and five minutes later I'm told staff needs it. 

After tickets are finally being taken, I hobble up a path we are pointed at, to see staff wanding customers. I tell them "I'm legal concealed carry. Is that off limits here?" I'm told, yes, it is. Fine... where on the website does it say that? Where are the signs required by the state? Oh.... right next to the required handicap parking signs... in others words, there are none. 

I'm left with the choice of hobbling half a mile back to my vehicle. I ask the nice officer if a ride might be available in one of those golf carts event staff are using. Nope... they are all busy. 

So, I limp back to my car.... only to have my friends and I passed by a golf cart with staff who wave at us. Yeah.... so that was it for me. 

You got my money, and we experienced your amateur event hour. I hope you folks learned from this, but it's no real matter to me. None of us will ever attend anything there again.

Oh..... and we did FINE leaving a pile of cash that afternoon at Victory Brewing Company in Downington.  Darn nice folks who really know how to treat customers   Excellent beer and food as well!

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