Sunday, August 26, 2018

The first step is......

I don't see it as a huge downside if DaDems manage to kick out Trump over some Trumped up charge.  You see... I don't think they, as a party, will ever recover from the backlash of doing so. 

The 2016 election saw DaDems inner circle revealed in their actions, and that wizard don't look so good with the curtain pulled away.  DaPubs came across as bumbling idiots, and that may or may not be recoverable.  DaDems, on the other hand, are quite efficient at throwing anyone who gets in their way.. under the bus.. including their own voters. 

Should DaDems evict the peoples choice once again, ala the 2016 primaries, it may just pull the plug on their long term survival as a party.  If it's a good day, it'll take down both major parties.

When doctors run into something infected, the first thing they do is cut it open and let the corruption drain.  That always hurts, but afterwards it gets better.


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