Sunday, August 5, 2018

Yeah... ya'll let me know when that happens....

I can't and won't say the current crop of climate screamers are wrong. Then again, the exact same people have been wrong so many times before.

You see, my young friends, I have lived through every 'climate scare' and 'petro scare', and 'freakish disease scare', and 'Roosky scare', and 'all the 'puters will 'splode scare' for the last 50+ years. I've become jaded.
And no.... turning it into a religion doesn't change anything. It's not about 'belief'.  

Not being privy to the science, and having no way to see my own questions answered, I can only judge by what I see of the people talking about this.

If I saw a bomb disposal tech running like hell and leaving all his toys behind, I'd be right on his heals. I don't need to know how bombs work, as long as I know how humans work.

If I saw a well-studied doctor wearing a breathing mask while duct taping his doors and windows shut... I'd be joining that duct tape brigade right quick.

Tell you what.... ya'll let me know when you see some celebrities or wealthy poli-critters bulldozing their mansions down, filling in their multiple heated swimming pools, and burying their limousines and private jets. I'll be right here, easy to find.

Oh hell.... I guess all I need to see is a 'climate conference' that's done virtually rather than by Lear jet, and I'll pay attention.

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