Thursday, September 6, 2018


Regarding the New York Times publishing an opinion piece aimed at the current administration.  

Firstus thought.... the NYT still exists?  Who knew?  I thought the Old Grey Lady was an Old Gory Ghost by now.  Huh.

Secondus, I am in a quandary over the piece.  I normally don't give a fig for something slithering in anonymously.  It has too much in common with a cat turd in the shoe pile.  We know for certain that a cat took a dump there, just as we know none of those Catholes will fess up and take responsibility. All we get out of the deal is a smelly shoe, and no one with guts enough to stand by their words.

On the other hand, there is a fuss being made over the piece, so maybe it should be paid attention to, for what smelly value it has?

Thus my quandary.  Do I ignore the cat turd of an opinion piece... or do I give it credence, which automatically gives the ring of truth to everyone saying there is a 'deep state' in the US government?  I'm told the cat turd author is quite clear in saying there is a group of folks working within to subvert the actions of the elected President.

Ignore the anonymous cat turd, or try to figure out who the cats are conspiring to shit in the shoes of American voters? 

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