Monday, September 3, 2018

Thinking about money

Recently (yesterday), this old man was considering the addition of a new car to the fleet, along with a new debt.  A 2018 Camry to lend more detail.   Rationalizing the reasons why it would be a 'good' idea is easy.

The killer is that debt.

I have grown allergic to debt.  It started when I was married to a woman who would happily spend, not only only every cent we had, but every future cent she could find a way to borrow against.

I walked away from that many years ago, and took with me an overpowering allergy to debt.  My credit rating, a parting gift of hers, is low enough to require a new rating system.... and I am okay with that.  I'd rather eat rice and beans for years than borrow money again.

I have no mortgage, no credit cards, no student loans, an almost-vanished car loan.... and no other debts.

The 2018 Camry, I don't really need that.  I have cars that serve.  

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