Thursday, March 26, 2020

Flupocolypse, day 12.6.... thoughts

Weirdness last night.   Not beer-flu related, but it shined a light on something.

Long story short, a young girl knocked on our door after 11pm.  Herself and I were in bed, but girl child was still up (GGRRRR).

Turned out to be a school friend of girl child who needed some help.  I won't go into the details. Police became involved. She's home now as far as I know.

The revelation?  No matter *my* level of concern, that doesn't automatically translate into anyone else being extra careful.  Pre-teen girl child does not understand why she should never open that door under those circumstances. Not in the best of times, and REALLY not now. Not without us being right there.

Mom had a discussion with her.  I shall too  (Just did... no reason to wait). 

We live fairly rural here.  Porch lights usually mean welcome.... usually.  They also mean people inside the house can get a sight picture if they need to, after ID'ing the people outside.

In other news, a local favorite restaurant is struggling, just like every eatery in this state is since the Goobermint shut them down for the duration.  Most every place we enjoyed going has adopted VERY liberal take out, and even spontaneous delivery.  Shucks, I can even get wine delivered to my door from a friends winery.

So today I thought.... 'Self, look over the facebook thing and see what they are peddling for lunch'.  Time to treat the household, and support some good people who need it right now.  Yup, Jack's had a do-it-yourself sammich special that was a good deal.  It would easily feed the four of us for $15.   I bought two, and tipped an extra $10.   We LIKE jack's place, and want them to survive this mess.  Jack and wife met us at the restaurant door, with bags of food and an upbeat thanks.  Cool. 

News is all bad.  Raw numbers, medical, economic, and on top of all that, politicians seeking personal gain out of this.

We struck a record today..... #1 nation in the world, in terms of Chinese virus cases....

But, here in our home, all is good.  The same for friends and family. For now.  Thankful for that.

Oh, and tomorrow, good friends should be getting a package I sent their youngest child.  Glitter.  FORTY EIGHTS COLORS of GLITTER.       MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Enjoy that lockdown.... LOLOLOL......

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