Friday, March 27, 2020

Flupocolypse day 13, the breakfasting...

Frugality... is a nice word to use instead of 'Cheap as ^&&$'.

Left over smashed potatoes, resmashed into pattied splats 'o goodness, and fried in a non-stick pan with a bit of butter.

Now, smashed potatoes here involve a lot of flavor inducing frivolities to begin with, so these honestly need nothing but a smash and heat.  That said, they are fridge velcro.  Put ANYTHING in or on these you wish.

The eggs.... are just eggs.  I spoon on some queso just because I can.  A few jars of various salsa type stuffs can brighten up all kinds of dishes.  Lowly eggs can be varied a dozen different ways, and salsa goes far in helping that.


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