Saturday, June 12, 2021

A series of skills drills.....

Reading Kevin Creighton, he describes a formalized set of Skill Drills he uses with pistol.  The goal seems to be getting in all the chosen skills, in organized fashion, using only one box of 50 rounds.

Given the price of ammunition today (still), this seems a capital idea.  I feel no compunction towards swiping it for myself.

So..... this is what I have cooked up.   I believe I can shoot it with one box of ammo, and one silhouette target with 7 target-center pasters on the lower half.  The targets might be better split between a silhouette and a sheet of cardboard with pasters on it, or even just my old paper plates with a dot.

All shots are for score, and all are timed.

I'll give it a try next week, and report back.


Skills Drill:

1)    From usual carry position, draw and fire 1 carefully aimed shot, 5X.            One target, one magazine loaded with five. 5 rounds total.

        Score_______    Time______

2)    From usual carry position, draw and fire one Mozambique*, reload, fire another Mozambique*, and then re-holster. 3X    One target, two magazines loaded with three each. 18 rounds total.

        Score_______     Time______

3)    From usual carry position, draw and fire 5 aimed shots, alternating hands, and then re-holster. 1X   One target, and one magazine loaded with 5. 5 rounds total.

        Score_______    Time_______

4)    From usual carry position, draw and fire two rapid shots each at three different targets.  Reload, shoot two rapid again on each target.  Re-holster.  1X     Two targets, and two magazines loaded with 6 each. 12 rounds total

        Score_______    Time_______

5)    From low ready, fire five aimed at one target. Reload, and fire another five aimed at a second target.  1X    Two targets, two magazines with 5 each. 10 rounds total.

        Score_______    Time_______

Total score and time for 5 stages / 50 rounds:    Score_____    Time_____

*Mozambique: Two rapid to body center mass, one aimed to head.


Unknown said...

What distance is expected?

Carteach said...

My thinking is 15 yards to begin. Accuracy and speed are neck and neck at that range.