Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Jesus wept.....

Local charity effort (Barnstormers Baseball) is advertising they are collecting things for the needy.  Packaged food, (NEW) clothes items, and something else.... toiletries?

Wait.... NEW clothes only?   I'm going with a hearty %$#@ you on that one.  

I GREW UP wearing used clothing.  My whole family swapped outgrown clothes like it was their job. Everyone I knew but 'Rich Kids' wore used stuff, and thrift shops were the *first* choice when we needed something.

My kids wore used clothes, even when they didn't know it.  Lord knows their mama never heard of a dollar she didn't want to spend before seeing it, but even she would do used clothes for fast growing kids.

As an adult, I bought worn work uniforms at the flea market.  Shirts were .25 cents and pants were $1.25.  Hell yes, gimme EVERYTHING you have in my size!  As a mechanic I tore that stuff UP.   There were days I was a mechanic working on trucks, and there were days I was an 'explosive technician' working on trucks. Whatev.

Now I'm told if I want to give to needy people it has to be NEW clothes?

Not only no... but Barnstormers stadium will never see a dollar from this old man.

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