Monday, January 17, 2022



I should have taken pictures all the way through..

Herself wanted lunch, and I wanted to try something different for a change.

So, I said to myself.. "Self... how about a grilled cheese with sliced turkey on it?"

"Oh... put on some onion-bacon jam, and...... I know.... Crispy Cold lettuce in the middle!"

Here we go... Self can be a challenging prick at times.

In the pan, two slices of multi-grain bread, buttered side down. A layer of 'murican on each slice. Then, a schmear of onion-bacon jam on one side.  About a teaspoon full.  Then sliced turkey.

Cook till the bread is browned and delicious, and then move to the counter.  Install a fair amount of crisp iceberg lettuce, slap the two sides together, slice the sandwich into halves, and plate.  Serve immediately before the lettuce warms up.

She got hers with 3-bean salad, sliced tomato, and candied bacon.

Mine got a handful of blue corn chips.

Nom away!

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