Saturday, July 2, 2022

California Wows again

From the department of YMBSM comes this news.  As the nation tries to survive the highest fuel prices in American history... California RAISES their gasoline tax.

From the highest gas prices in the nation to the highest WITH an extra kick to the giggle beads.


Old 1811 said...

Makes perfect sense. As the price of gas skyrockets, people are making fewer nonessential trips; therefore they buy less gas and the state gets less tax money. Gavin needs a certain-sized revenue stream to keep buying votes with the taxpayers' money. In order to keep the gravy train running, he has to keep the same amount of gravy, so he needs more per person. It's simple arithmetic. And Gavin's constituents don't have to worry about driving to work or school, so it's no skin off their nose.
How long have you lived around politicians, anyway?

Carteach said...

Old1811... LOLOL