Friday, August 19, 2022


W:   339.0 :-(          Day 10/14


  • Yardwork
  • Load dishes... Leo did????
  • Strasburg for peaches
  • Laundry
  • Red Beet Eggs
  • Dried tomatoes in olive oil
  • Start Bourbon-Peach liqueur

The entirety of modern major new media in three panels...

Torpedo.... LOS!

An entire dehydrator load of sliced Roma tomatoes in each jar. Roughly 16 tomatoes each.  Two cloves of garlic, some fresh ground pepper, and a pinch of kosher salt.  Now resting in the fridge for a few months getting happy.

Also laid aside today:  Red Beet Eggs.

A Lancaster staple, and a fine way to save eggs when they are abundant.

HB eggs (InstantPot againt), beets from the garden, and a can of whole beets.

Load the 1/2 gallon jar with eggs, beets, and a few small onions from the garden.  Simmer a 2/2/.25 (cups) mix of vinegar, water+beet juice from the can, and sugar.  A few tablespoons of kosher salt. Add pickling spices if you are brave.  Pour over the eggses, lid on, into the fridge for a few weeks to a month before eating.

ALSO today, I started a peach thing.  It begins as any wine, using 20 pounds of frozen peaches and 12 pounds of white sugar.  I'll throw the yeast tomorrow evening, and then let-er rip as long as it will cook.  From the primary into the secondary, probably with some back sugar to finish the cook as well as spices.

Depending on the flavor at that point, it might see fortification with peach brandy and bourbon to become a Bourbon- Peach liqueur. 

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