Friday, October 2, 2009

Another week past....

School blogging......

The boys are doing well. Almost impressively well..... and I am enjoying it tremendously. I am working while sick, but they make it worth every minute.

A few are offering some discipline challenges, but they are mild and I think there is a strong sentiment in this class for suppressing such. Nothing overt, but most of the boys are serious about wanting to learn what we are teaching. That feeling spreads....

There are about a dozen that show excellent promise both in skill and work ethics. The same group can think, learn fast, and we are stepping high to keep them challenged. On the down side, testing shows we have over half the class reading below grade level, and about 25% are 7th grade or under. That is a tough nut to crack, especially while we are cramming in so much technical information at the same time.

On another note, in Ed-Psych class I have been learning about brain functions. The class is downright fascinating, and each session sends me away with something I can use almost at once with my students. As one example.... a discussion of Triune brain structure theory led me to discuss test anxiety with one of my students, and that led to his test score improving, and THAT led to my planning several theory lessons on test anxiety and test taking strategy. Not that I know a lot about it.... but I will by the time I hold the class next week :-)

Personal blogging.....

Life is not bad. Not bad at all.

You know what makes it not bad? Having someone to care about... who cares right back. I like having someone in my life... even though I swore I would never do it again. It was a short lived promise to myself, that I'll admit.

What makes it easy... is she asks for nothing. Nothing but whatever time we can share together in our lives right now. That is so... refreshing.... in my life. I don't have to be anything for her but myself. I don't have to hide anything from anyone for any reason. The honesty is ... well.... a friend said 'Not many people could handle that' when we talked about it. I accept her, and she accepts me, and the rest of the world can go to hell as far as what they think.

Sure, there are challenges. We are as different as day and night in many ways, but we both revel in the differences. We are years apart in age, many years, but that seems not to be an obstacle so far. In all ways it's a learning experience and an adventure.

Good... I'm ready for a positive adventure for a change.


Sparrow said...

So glad for you, my friend! I hope this new relationship brings you much happiness.

Jean said...

I'd say the new semester and the new life chapter are off to a terrific start. You deserve all good things, dear man. Enjoy!

Crucis said...

Been busy myself---work and all.

I have to say, I'm glad to see the improved attitude. For a couple of decades, I was in a depressive cycle. Not really severe but persistent. I grew out of it. I think that's the best way to describe how I managed that period.

Having a partner, even if temporary, can be a great asset and assistance.

Hang in there.