Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Re-opening the vein

Good morning folks... depending, of course, on when you read this :-)

I wanted to shove in a placeholder here, and a short note. I aintent dead yet, although my recent blogging efforts might lead people to think that. To be blunt.... I am just too busy.

School keeps us swamped of course, but toss in new unfunded mandates on our time by administration, and six credits of PSU courses at the same time.... and Carteach0 is turning into one sorry ass dragging crabby mean guy.

The saving grace is a new personal relationship, which I suppose I will blog about soon enough. When I have the energy and time. I'll help you let your imagination run wild, that much I'll do. I'm nearly fifty, and she is twenty six. It's an unusual pairing, and no doubt about that. I'm learning new things every single day, and so is she.... and maybe that's the point. I can't say for certain, except that I wake up smiling more often than not.

Right now... it's time for me to get my butt in gear and tackle another busy day. Yesterday was 14 hours of works, followed by 7 hours of eyelid inspection. Today.... who knows? It's all a big adventure!


William the Coroner said...


Sparrow said...

Much happiness to you! Early stage romance requires a lot of time, don't worry about us.

Crucis said...

Pictures, uhhh, range pictures, of course. :-)

Congratulations, really.