Friday, November 6, 2009

A moment in class today......


Today in class we had a moment of silence for the dead and wounded at Ft. Hood. The students asked me what had happened there.... and I responded that it appears a nut job major had opened fire and killed a dozen people and wounded about thirty more.

The students asked how could one whacko take out so many soldiers..... and I told them the base commander had standing orders that soldiers on base were to be unarmed and defenseless from attack. The immediate, unsolicited, and very loud consensus of the students was that such a policy is criminally insane. I will not repeat what the students thought should happen to the base commander for his punishment. I had to admonish the students on their choice of words and somewhat creatively violent outlook towards the man.

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Crucis said...

The policy, even after examination, can't be sustained. We expect our soldiers in combat to be armed and ready. But violence isn't restricted to the battlefield as event at Ft Hood (and other places) prove.

I would submit that all officers and NCOs be required to be armed whenever on duty. Off-duty, all military personal should be allowed to arm themselves in accordance to local and state law. Many military have CCW permits for off-base, but not on-base. It's a policy change that can be made quite easily---if the chain of command says so.