Monday, November 9, 2009

Today in school.....


Wow..... don't these weekends go fast?

I woke up today thinking about how to deal with a situation in school. I have a student who has been forging my initials on work in order to improve his grade.


I think..... that I will have a word with him today. I think I will tell him that he'll pass this year no matter what he does, barring any violent outbursts or huge disruptions. I think I will point out to him that I won't be closely checking my signature on submitted work.... and that any forgeries will just fly right past.... but that it doesn't matter because he is going to pass no matter what.

You see.... I don't have time to check each signature, nor lay traps to 'prove' someone is forging mine to the satisfaction of the school admin (who would rather just have every problem turn to vapor before reaching them). There is no profit to me in doing so. There is nothing but downside.... I have to work harder, I get headaches, and nothing will happen to the student doing forgeries. Been there, done that.

I think I will explain all that to this student... and point out that working hard at cheating and lying is pretty much a waste of time and effort in my class. A cheater will pass.... and end up losing an entire year of their life to wasted time and effort. There is nothing worse that that I could do to anyone, and it's something only a cheater can do to himself.

Karma is surely a bitch. I hope he understands that by days end.

I'm going to suck every last bit of excitement and satisfaction out of cheating, lying, and 'fooling' the old man. It's just not going to be fun anymore. As a matter of fact.... I'll leave nothing that's interesting for him to do..... but the course work.

Yes.... I am every bit that mean.


Borepatch said...

Heh. Teaching the young "gentleman" a life lesson, right there.

Crucis said...

If he doesn't give a flying f**k, why should you? It's his life he screwing, not you.

People deserve the life they create for themselves. My altruism has reached an all-time low. I spent a weekend watching a young woman destroy her life. She'll now spend several years in jail, lose custody of her children (each by a different father and she wasn't married to any,) and has reached the end of her family's patience. I spent yesterday afternoon consoling her mother and father. She's only 20, a mother of four and now looking at 10 to 15 years in the slammer.

A waste and she did it all herself.

Everett said...

Good for you! We NEED a hell of lot more teachers just like you! Hope he figures out what you are doing for him before he totally screws himself.